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The World

25/04/2021 - What do you want your world to be like? Opportunities are coming that you can embrace to enhance your inner world and your outer world. Some may be asking you to do something a bit different. Give some of these more strange opportunities some consideration as it is possible that this could be life changing in a good way. 

21/11/2020 - Endings and new beginnings are swirling together making it hard to work out what is really going on in some situations. This may be a confusing and challenging time which simply has to be experienced. There are strong indications that some quite unexpected yet very beneficial things will evolve from current life events.

22/10/2020 - Time to consider the future and the direction you want your life to move  in over the next few years. Opportunities are coming quite randomly and it is best to be ready to take advantage of them if they fit with what you want/need in life.

18/10/2020 - That major new cycle that has been taking a long time to come in fully is about to erupt with a real push for many. Some may have thought it was already in full swing only to find that the best is only now coming to fruition. 

28/09/2020 - Something is wrapping up, concluding and clearing space for something new and different to come into life. This will manifest differently for everyone but we can all grasp the opportunities that are or soon will be, on offer.  

15/08/2020 - Big changes and/or big realisations are coming for those who have become stuck in patterns of living that no longer serve a useful purpose in their lives.

06/07/2020 -  Many are getting a glimpse of what their new world looks like. However you view it you will find that you have all you need to make a success of whatever circumstances shape up for you.

28/05/2020 - For many of you something has come full circle. If you are feeling that you are right back where you started then have a deeper look. You should find that you are a different person who is now back in this place in life. You will do things differently this time. That will lead you in a very different direction and therefore to a different destination this time round.

15/05/2020 - World events are impacting on decisions that you want to make or have to make. Focus on what you have control over and work within the current limits. It may simply be that you have to play the waiting game before you can put certain plans into motion. All is as it should be, including delays.

03/04/2020 - Change often comes about in small stages. All those small stages add up and sooner or later it becomes obvious that things are heading in a different direction. Let go of what is passing and embrace what is coming so you can make the most of new opportunities.

28/01/2020 - Many will be seeing the closing down of a major life cycle as new opportunities present themselves. While some people are entering a changeover phase between two major life cycles others are seeing the last remnants of the old cycle being resolved.

19/11/2019 - Change, change and even more change is in store for some of you. This is all part of the changeover from one major life cycle to another. How you deal with what comes to you and the attitude you adopt will set the tone for the next major cycle.

14/10/2019 - Things are finally coming together and many will soon be doing "the happy dance' so to speak. This is a time of great change and readjustment for some. It's all about attitude and letting go of what no longers serves a useful purpose.

28/08/2019 - There are always minor cycles within major cycles. Many people have been concluding a series of minor cycles recently. For some the conclusions of several are completing almost at once which may feel like it is all crashing around you in some way. Take heart as this is the clearing away so that something new and wonderful can appear in your life.

18/08/2019 - The energies of transformation have been strong these past few months and for many this has meant revelations and awakenings that are leading to major life enhancing changes. This is a time to take notice of what life is trying to show you. Become a creator of your own destiny.

13/07/2019 - Some people are going through massive changes and challenges as part of a major cycle ending and new one beginning. This energy is for all of us but can be playing out in minor cycle changes which may not be so challenging.

28/02/2019 - Change is inevitable. Events now are bringing in those changes or the experiences that will lead to change. Let go of the old and allow the new to come in. 

20/01/2019 - Many things are coming together that you can actually see now. There have been completions and changes in thinking and even in directions for life. While a lot may not be happening yet it soon will be.

16/10/2018 - So many things are coming together now to bring you fully into a new cycle. For some this is a major life cycle while for others it is a minor one within a larger one. Therefore, for some events occuring now and soon to occur can be very life changing, while for others they are more subtle yest still noticeable.

07/10/2018 and 08/10/2018 - It's time to step fully into the new you. You may not feel prepared enough yet but it is in accepting yourself just exactly as you are that will push you into that next life cycle that has the potential to bring you the success and happiness you know you should have. The circumstances and events of this new cycle will give you the opportunities to become that person you aim to be.

01/09/2018 - For some it is time to let go of something that has been extremely important for a very long time. This letting go is the only way to move forward. Others may find it easier to do this letting go. Whether it is easy or hard, it is time to do it.

31/07/2018 - You will start to see some results form all the effort you have put in over the last few years. Loose ends are being tied up. Fresh ideas are coming forward. You will get the go ahead on something you have been waiting on.

15/05/2018 - So many endings for many people at this time. Some bring sadness and others bring relief and hope for better things to come. It is all a part of your life's journey which is carrying you on to the next major phase in your life  

28/04/2018 - Many are on the brink of something quite life changing. The sacrifices made over the years and particularly the most recent ones are about to pay off in ways that are quite unexpected. This is the beginning of a significant new phase in life.  

16/01/2018 - The past few years have been quite trying for many of you. Some have had a much longer change over period from one major cycle to another. Energetically we are coming to another major shift which will see many finally move fully into that new major cycle with all the wonderful opportunities for growth presenting themselves to you.

17/10/2017 - Some of you are going to be very aware that a new major cycle is now well and truly underway. Those things keeping you locked into the old ways are well and truly too weak to hold you back now. The challenge now is to be patient while the new things begin to appear and take hold in your life.

19/09/2017 - Do not be concerned if you are being pulled between a longing for things to be the way they used to be and an excitement at the thought of all the new things that you now have the potential to experience. This is normal for the transition from one major life cycle to another. Continue to go with the flow into the new and exciting.

05/05/2017 - Many smaller cycles are completing within major cycles for a lot of people right now. This can mean disruption from mild to drastic depending on individual situations and life lessons being learned. Look for what you need to let go of, what you need to work on and what you need to bring in to your life.

25/02/2017 - For many people major life cylces are coming to a close and new ones are beginning. The overlap period can be a few months or several years and is ususally a time of upheaval, confusion, challenge, frustration and even heartache. If you relate to this then take heart in the knowledge that things are moving closer to a when you emerge fully into that new cycle which has the potential to be very different to what has gone before.

02/12/2016 - Many things should be coming to conclusions and being sorted out ready for new beginnings. For some people this will be quite dramatic or an end to a lot of ongoing drama. Others will find that it is little things that are finishing one way or another. It is all part of minor cycles within major cycles coming to their rightful conclusions, freeing up energy for new things.

11/11/2016 - For many people major life cycles of many years duration are coming to a close, opening up life space and attracting opportunties to fill that space with new and positive things. It is up to each individual what they do with the potential for growth that is opening up. Some people are entering brilliant new cycvles because they have the courage to take what is currently on hand and make the most of it. Anyone expecting to have it all handed to them on a plate will most likely be dissappointed. 

28/08/2016 - A lot of things are building up to major changes for a lot of people right now. For some it will be a fairly smooth and gradual transformation from the old into the new while for others it will be quite dramatic and unsettling. Whichever it is for you it is best to go with the flow. Pick your battles so you don't waste time and energy on things you can't fix, change or prevent. Work with the positive that you can find and you will make a success of it all.

24/06/2016  - Major life situations are coming to a close for many people. While some will be able to say that it has already happened others will only be just starting to come into that overlap period where the old patterns try to hold on and new ones call to you. Whatever stage you are in the message here is to allow yourself to truly see what you need to let go of and do whatever it takes to let it go. New opportunities to reinvent yourself are part of this process.

28/01/2016 - Old cycles are completing and with them old friendships and associations may be ending too. Not all of them but the ones that no longer suit the future you are moving into to will be ending. Try to make the endings as peaceful as you can. You can only control your own behaviour and not that of other people so don't be drawn into unnecessary drama.

11/12/2015 - Hold on tight and don't make any hasty decisions based on vague feelings that things should be different. You may be feeling the unsettled energy that is around at the time when one significant cycle is ending and making way for a new one to begin. Take your time and be certain that what you plan to do is something you are doing for all the right reasons.

17/11/2015 - When major cycles end and new ones begin there are often overlap periods when things can get pretty messed up. Things my be going really well and then something happens to make you feel unsure of things. You want things to end and other things to begin but it just isn't happening the way you want it to. These are just a couple of examples of the types of things that may be happening to you at this time. Take heart, things are sorting out. Be clear about what is important to you and what you can let go by. Let go of unrealistic expectations for yourself and others so you can welcome in your new experiences. Take responsibility for your actions, nobody else will.

17/07/2015 - While many things may be falling into place for a bright new life cycle there are still some things that have to be finalised from the past life cycle. This may make you feel unsettled or impatient as you can sense the positive potential of your new life and want it all now. It should be quite interesting to see how it all unfolds and you would not want to miss out on any of the experiences you are having now as they are important learning experiences that you will benefit from in the future. 

08/06/2015 - Many of you have been in the process of ending a major life cycle and beginning another one. The past six months may have been quite intense. If that is so for you then the coming six months should see things settle down into new arrangements. Don't expent things to be perfect though as new situations and people require adjustment space and compromise. However, you should still feel somewhat refreshed and confident to face the future.

08/12/2014 - Get ready for some big changes as one major cycle ends and another one begins. For some this is simply reperesenting the ending of something in your life which will free up time and space for new growth and opportunities to experience something new and possibly quite exciting. For others it truly is the ending or changeover period or beginning in a major life cycle. In that case there will be a lot of changes and some readjustments may be needed. As there is nothing you can do to stop this you might as well embrace it and work with it.