The Wisdom of Loving

by Carol Harquail

This message is to get others to think, not influence or show anyone the way, but as an open minded topic.

Love Love Love, I had many discussions on this subject with others. I have listened to and read so many spiritual texts from the West from the East.  

According to a Wiccan friend, sending Love to another creates so much chaos for that individual if they are not ready to receive it.  Then I thought of the saying, "Blinded by the Light", and I realized to those with dense energy it would be as paralyzing as fear is to someone who embraces only the Light. Is it in their highest interest?

People from Aboriginal Cultures, say for example Hawaii in Ho-oponopono, it is always about Loving Self.  How could one Doctor heal others by working on himself?  He never sent Love to another; he never forgave another; he Loved himself; he Forgave himself; he Thanked Himself - the part of himself, that connects us all.

As we merge into one Consciousness, and understand 100% Responsibility, we understand that to Love ourselves is to Love another, be in that right place to share.  Not above, but equal. Not better, more loving, more righteousness.

Often times I see and hear things, I feel others pain, I even feel their fear.  It is coming up to be healed.  So I must Love myself more.  Because that person harming others, is me on one level so love myself more I must.  That person being harmed is me on a deeper subconscious level.  Then I also understand to harm another is to Harm Myself.

In Aboriginal Cultures we are taught one major thing, we are all connected.  It is called in English "All my Relations", but there are words for it in every North American Indian Language that I know of. I see each being as a Tree of Life, the Earth itself as a living Tree of Life and the Universe too.  In fact I see the Universe as just One tiny cell on a Macro level.  Any cell in fight with itself, not taking care of itself totally, is on a destructive path.  So love self more.

I cannot for one ignore the fear of others if I feel it.  It is not for me to judge, it is for me to Love myself more.

One of my  questions to self, and insights is if I send love to another, say because I think they need it, is it because subconsciously I think they are not Loving enough, because of bad deeds or whatever?   Am I really judging them at that point?  Am I actually creating more chaos in their life?  Those questions I have to ask myself if I really want change, and yet the only place I have authority is me.

What if Loving myself more will do it? What if I can make more lasting changes by working on myself, on how I feel about it, on what I think about it?  What if accepting responsibility for that fear, I can do in me, instead of denying that aspect of myself? I know it is me, there is no doubt about that.  

Sometimes it feels like so often we say Love our Enemies will change them, when really at that time, if we feel hurt or harmed Loving ourself more is what will make that change.

Are you denying that the guy who is manipulating the world is really a part of you that needs to be love? Are you denying that part of you that is hurt and in fear is you?  Not sending Love directly, but Love that aspect of Source that is you that is all things. Are you Loving others so much that they will change, or taking authority over your own life and Loving yourself totally from within which is the only place you have authority?

Are you Loving yourself enough today to be that change?  Are you forgiving yourself enough today?  Are you having enough compassion for yourself today?

Or are you denying yourself? 

Something to think about.  Sure can't hurt to Love yourself more.

Blessings ...


First published 13 September 2013