The Wheel of Fortune

09/04/2021 - Some good luck or a change for the better in some situation is happening now or abut to in the not too distant future. There is good reason to be hopeful that things will  be better and improvements are on the way.

19/02/2021 - The Wheel of Life is what you make it. Some things just have to be the way they are for now so the only thing you can control is your attitude towards it. Acceptance of what can't be changed is a major lesson for some right now.

09/02/2021 - The wheel is coming around again giving you another chance at something. It could be something you rejected at some point in your life, a missed opportunity that is coming up again or it's a chance to do something you have done before but in a different way.

26/01/2021 - What is yours will come to you. If it is not meant for you it will not happen. This applies positively and negatively in life. A lot of changes are coming in.

28/11/2020 - This may be a time where you have to let life take you where it will. Regardless of whether you consider this to be good or bad there is a definite trend towards improvement.

20/11/20 - Some of you are about to have a win of some kind. Life has cycled round to where it is your turn for something significant to happen. Most people will experience some form of synchronicity in the next week or so, some of which could be quite challenging.

27/10/20 - Chance encounters and surprises are popping up all over the place. What appears to be random occurrences is actually your life plan in motion. Some of it you have control over while some of it you do not. This will be a challenging and/or exciting time for many. Those who are confused by current events will have clarity in the near future.  

22/09/2020 - The Wheel of Life keeps turning, so what comes around goes around, as they say. You can't alter the past but you can learn from it. Decisions and actions of the now will have consequences, good or bad, so think long and hard about how you are treating people and how you are treating yourself.

15/06/2020 - Sometimes life gives us brilliant opportunities and at other times if takes things away. Now is a time of giving and taking depending on your life situation. Whatever it turns our to be for you the outcome will be positive in the long term. For some this is an indication that some give and take will be beneficial in a relationship issue.

19/05/2020 - Expect some changes that will affect daily life in some way. There is some kind of progress in a matter that concerns you or someone very close to you. Don't be reactive. Step back and assess the situation from all angles and then you will be able to take positive action.

19/03/2020 - The wheel of time has finally come around and settled so you can move forward into that new beginning you hoped for. It was all about the timing and the time has come. Move forward with confidence. 

06/03/2020 - Regardless of what is happening in your life right now the timing is perfect. This will become apparent over the next few weeks.

02/03/2020 - It's all about the timing. You cannot force an issue so sit back and let things work out as they will. You may be feeling a little unsure of what to do in new circumstances. Give it time and you will know what to do.

12/01/2020 - It's all about timing. The wheel is turning in your favour but you cannot rush it. Acting on impulse may result in getting only the second or third prize on the wheel of life. If you want the first prize then pace your self and get in sync with the flow of your life.

18/06/2019 - As life's wheel of fortune spins round grab onto what it is offering you. The current opportunities may not come around again so this is your chance in some area. If you really want it then go for it.

07/06/2019 - That which was stuck is now moving and that which was moving quickly will slow down. For some people both of these states will come into effect with the emphasis shifting from one situation to another in your life. All is as it should be so it is best to simply go with whatever changes it brings.

22/05/2019 - What goes around comes around and events playing out now are making sure that those who need to learn lessons are getting the opportunities and those who have earned some rewards will see them materialise in the coming weeks.

18/05/2019 - This is a time of change for many. Some will welcome it while others will resist. Resistance is futile so if you can't welcome it then try to accept it.

24/04/2019 - Lady luck is on your side, so to speak. This may work out in an actual monetary windfall but is most likely to be circumstances suddenly changing in your favour.

17/04/2019 - Round and round we go until finally it is realised that progress in the right direction is being made and new patterns are forming where the old ones have finally broken down.

22/02/2019 - It is definitely the right time to do something life changing. For some this will be a definite decision while for others it will just come about.

02/02/1019 - It really is the right time to do what you have been thinking of doing. Don't put things off any longer or you will get out of sync with the flow of abundance that is coming your way. For some this is a time to let go, step back and allow everything to flow to you in its own time.

21/01/2019 - Even though so much is starting to happen and to change you cannot make it go faster or change the order in which things have to manifest. Some things must happen to set the scene for what will naturally follow. Be patient.

26/11/2018 - Timing is everything and you will be amazed at the synchronicity of events. You are in the right place at the right time, the information you need comes to you, you meet the right person just when you need them and so forth. Which will it be for you?

17/11/2018 - In some way you are coming full circle. You are not right back where you started from though as so much has happened. The person you were last time in this type of situation handled things differently so this time the outcome will be very different. Trust the person you are now to do things the right way for the new you.

03/10/2018 - The Wheel of Life is bringing to you an opportunity that means you have another chance at something worthwhile to you in life. Draw on the lessons of the past and make your choice.

16/09/2018 - Timing is the focus in life right now. There will be synchronicities occuring more often than usual and you will be amazed at where they are leading and who they are bringing to you. Some will feel quite in control while others will not. This is not a time to force any issues. 

17/05/2018 - It's time for you to complete some major phase in your life. For some this is something that started decades ago or even lifetimes ago. For others it is something more recent but of great significance. Events now are bring about this completion so all that is required of you is to go with it and be aware of it.  

25/04/2018 - Lots of things are going to be happening soon so you may find that you have to arrange things to fit these things in. This will be a good time to look at what is really important in your life so that you are very clear where your time priorities lie.  

05/04/2018 - It's all a matter of timing. Do the best you can in the time frame you have and trust that what needs to work out for you will in the time it needs to manifest. Some things may take a while to manifest but they will be solid, reliable and long lasting when they do.  

21/03/2018 - When it comes to putting a plan into action it is all a matter of timing to ensure success. You may have come up with a solution to a problem and want to act on it immediately. Before you do look carefully to see if indeed now is the best time. Some things require patience and a staged implementation. Determine which it is and act or not act accordingly.  

24/10/2017 - Many people are experiencing the affects of timing in the events of their lives. Chance encounters or acting on sudden impulses bring people together or push them away. Some of it may be quite bewildering and at times unwanted but rest assured it is all being done at the right time for the best long term outcome.

13/07/2017 - Timing is very important. Do not be in a rush to make something happen. All is in hand to bring about a good outcome. Sometimes having to wait is an important part of good timing.

07/07/2017 - It is time to go with the flow in some area of your life. What you need will come to you at just the right time.

09/05/2017 - It is all about timing. When things fall into place it will all make such perfect sense.

24/03/2017 - The wheels have been set in motion for some quite big changes that will affect you on some level. This may cause some disruption to your life and/or to the lives of people close to you. What at first may be quite unsettling should turn out to be full of opportunities for positive growth and for some, quite brilliant success.

06/03/2017 - The Wheels are definitely in motion to bring about some major changes. For some this is quite obvious and it is just a matter of time and following through on things as they arise. For others is it is less clear what is going on and what it all means at the moment. Whatever happens you will be able to make the necessary adjustments and make what comes to you into something worthwhile.

13/12/2016 - Those of you who have been going through a tough time for a long time now or who find themselves in a rut in some area of life should see a change soon. This change brings an end to this chapter of your life, leaving you with some new choices and decisions to make for the future.

30/09/2016 - In the greater scheme of things there is no such thing as imperfect timing. Everything that is happening now in your life is perfect for you in every way even if it seems so wrong. Give it time and you will see just how perfect your current situation actually is.

02/05/2016 - The time has come to either take on some responsibility or to shed it. Either way some carefuul consideraton is necessary to ensure that you not only do the right thing by your self but also by the other people involved. This is not a time to sacrifice yourself or to be inconsiderate of others. It is a time to strike a balance between short term and long term outcomes.

24/03/2016 - It is time for many things to come to fruition. Those of you who have been working hard on something are about to reap some of the rewards that are due to you. Others will get that well earned break from something stressful.

19/02/2016 - It is a matter of timing so the current indication is to pick your battles. There is a very real risk of wasting time, energy and even money on trying to get what you want immediately. Hold off for a little while and you will be in a much better position to win.

11/02/2016 - Timing is everything and so you may need to hold your temper and control your impulses in some matter so that when you say or do something it has the best effect on the situation.

10/12/2015 - Looks like you can expect a change for the better in some situation you are battling right now. Things are shifting into place and soon you will see the changes. Opportunities will present to you. It is up to you to take advantage of them and make them work for you.

10/06/2015 - Everyone's life is meant to be different. We are unique individuals with our own perfect life path to walk. Some of you may be experiencing a time when it does indeed seem perfect or close enough for you to be content. Others may be experiencing what they would call too horrible for words. Many are inbetween these states. Today this card is telling us all that we are in exactly the place in our life journey that we need to be in order to learn some very valuable lessons. The message here is to look and really see what it all means. Don't waste precious time by looking at someone else and thinking they have it much better than you do. They may not and if they do it is their life and their lessons. Look to your own life and make the most of the opportunities at hand.

15/11/2014 - Everything has its time to start, to progress and to complete. For many the time to begin again or start something new and fresh is coming around to you. In order for this to happen there may be a need for some things to complete and even pass away. Don't be afraid to let go and allow those new creative energies room to be active.