Vision Boards

What They Are ~ How To Make One

“Setting your intentions and goals puts a new image of what you want into both your conscious and subconscious minds. It is your choice to decide what it is that you wish to experience in your life and the steps you choose to take to get you there. Create your own miracles.”

Most of us have at least heard of the law of Attraction. It is popularly accepted as a powerful, universal law that provides us opportunities to shape our lives and attract that which we want. It can work when we set our intention and focus on a desired outcome. 

The Law of Attraction states, “Our attitudes and beliefs create a magnet to attract events”.

To get it working for us we need something to help us keep focussed on the successful outcome. One tool we can use is a vision board.

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board can help us narrow down our desires which concentrates the energy of our focussed intention. It is a useful visual reminder of our intention to achieve a chosen outcome. The act of creating gets the energy flow going so our mental and emotional sate while creating it will have an impact on the outcome.

How Does A Vision Board Work?

The Power of Choice

You might have a general idea of what it is you want. If you want to create a vision board to help you achieve your goal then you must think deeply about what you want. You must have clarity and detail that can be visually represented.

This deep thinking is the focus that gets the energy process going. You are demonstrating to the universe that you are serious about your intention to achieve something.

Because you have limited space to use on the board you must discover what truly matters to you.

Identify what you want

Select images that have meaning to you and represent what you want. 

The Power of Visualisation

It’s been said that visualising performing an action is nearly as powerful as actually performing that action. When you visualise yourself living your dream, your brain trains your body for that reality.

The Power of Consistency

Whenever we want to learn something new or create a new habit, consistency is the key. Human beings are wired for repetition. Every time we repeat an action, we become stronger with that action.

Once you have created your vision board you place it in a spot where you will see every day. This creates the opportunity for consistent visualisation that trains mind, body and spirit to manifest your desired outcome.

Creating A Vision Board

Initial Planning

What message do you want your vision board to convey?

How you want your vision board to look?

It may help to think about:

  • Career goals

  • Family life

  • Love life

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • How you spend your free time

  • What you want to learn

  • Personal growth and development

  • Spiritual growth and development

Also think about whether you want to choose one area to focus on and create your board on that or a board that covers several areas in one. Everyone is different so go with what you feel is best suited to you.

You’ll need to place this board in a visible area that you see every day. Choose your space and then you will know your size requirements and what you can realistically place in this space.

  • A white board can be used to stick pictures on and use white board markers to write captions

  • A cork board can be used to pin pictures and printed captions

  •  An A3 or A4 sketch book page is useful for a small board which can be laminated when finished if you want to. Also, you can laminate it first and then use it as a small white board.

Think about the type of images you want to and where you can get them from.

  • Magazine and Newspaper cut-outs

  • Images and quotes printed from the internet

  • Your Pinterest board if you have one

  • Photographs

  • Pages from a book

  • Brochures/pamphlets/flyers

  • Affirmations

  • Your own artwork

Depending on your base board you will need adhesive like glue, reusable adhesive, pins, double sided tape etc. You will probably also need scissors, pens and embellishments. Scrapbooking tools and embellishments could be very useful.

Now to get creative

If you are a planner by nature then you will probably want to put in some time planning and designing the layout of your board before you get creative with the content.

If you are more of a “go with the flow” person then you may want to start by staring at the blank board and letting the ideas and images flow.

You may want to gather some relevant images that speak to you in a meaningful way before you get into the planning or “going with the flow” method.

This is your board being born out of your essential nature so go with the method that sits best with you.

If you want to create a Sacred Space in which to create your vision board then you will also need to have any candles, crystals, incense, music etc on hand before you start putting it all together. It is not essential to do this unless it is personally important. Remember, you are honouring your essential self during this process. We are all different in what we need in our environment when doing our spiritual work.

Get Your Space Ready

Finding the time to create your vision board in one sitting is best . However, if it is not possible for your vision board to be completed in one sitting choose a space where you can leave it undisturbed in between creative sessions. Creating a vision board is a special ritual where you get in touch with your true self, identify your true desires and focus your energy on attracting them into your life. You are creating an energetic space while you work and so you want that to remain sacred throughout the entire process.

Whether it is in one sitting or done over several you still need to do it in an uninterrupted, quiet space with all your supplies on hand so a session is not disturbed.

  • Set out all your supplies in your chosen space
  • Do whatever you need to create your sacred space like light some candles or incense, turn on music you know will assist your process, meditate, pray or ask your Guides to help you.

Create Your Vision Board

Your board can be simple or complicated, literal or symbolic, neat and ordered or messy. Cut out the images that can tell a story or create a collage of images that speak to you. Link with words and phrases or not. Draw or paint all or some of your images yourself. If it speaks to you with meaning then it is good. When you look at the board images, you should feel a strong connection to what you desire to manifest.

Take time to cut your images out. Sit with your images for a moment before you attach them to your board. Hold them in your hand and stare at them. Feel the desire running through your body. Notice what emotions arise when you think of that image and the desires that it conjures. See yourself getting what you want and feel the happiness radiating from it.

Whatever you’re feeling in this moment is exactly what you want to experience every time you look at your vision board.

When it is Complete

Place it in an area that you see every day. Many people like to notice their vision board first thing in the morning.

To avoid “not really seeing” your vision board after a while, it is a good idea to sit with your board at least once a week. Take about 10 minutes to look at your board, reflect on why you chose those images, and revisit the feelings of happiness and gratitude of eventually having what you desire in your life.

A vision board a wonderful reminder of what you truly want in life and a powerful motivator to act on achieving your goals. Treat it like it’s sacred.

This website gives more in-depth information on what a Vision Board is, why and how they work and how to create one: