Using Spiritual Attunement

What is Spiritual Attunement?

Spiritual Attunement allows us to attune to the nature of specific living and nonliving things already in existence, that have been in existence and that have the potential to exist. We first attune to something, someone, an idea or concept and then our channels of Higher Communication become active. It’s a bit like casting a line with a beautiful golden hook of Love and Light on the end of it out into the inner planes seeking knowledge to bring back into everyday consciousness.

The following information briefly touches on some of the uses of Spiritual Attunement and is in no way complete. Please take on board what resonates with you and make use of it in the spirit of doing no harm and coming from a place of Love and Light.


To aid in someone’s healing we can Spiritually Attune to the cause of their illness. We don’t want to attune to the illness and risk unwittingly taking on the symptoms as our own. This principle applies at the physical, emotional and mental levels. Focus is on the cause of the illness.

We attune to the person with the intention of getting in touch with the cause of the health problem while remaining detached so that we can use our channels of Higher Communication to understand what we are sensing. We may initially sense the symptoms but need to move past them to the cause. Without going into a lengthy discussion on the cause of illness we can simply say that mental, emotional and physical issues may be involved. Attuning to the person’s Chakras may be of assistance. It takes time to develop our own individual way of using Spiritual Attunement for healing in combination with the knowledge base we are continually building.

Sometimes suggestions on what a person needs to be working on with releasing etc will come to us through this attunement process. Once we have gained the insights that we need from the attunement process we could, if appropriate, then direct the Universal Energy of Healing to that person and let that energy do what it knows needs to be done. In other cases, we can appropriately pass on the information and suggestions for what they can do to facilitate their own healing. It could even be a combination of these.

Reading for Others

We can use tools such as Tarot/Oracle Cards, objects, photographs etc to aid us in making a Spiritual Attunement connection. There are so many ways we can do this so we should trust our own process when using these tools.

We can also attune to people and situations directly.  A name and age are often useful to attune to a person. Some details about the situation are usually enough to make the connection. Be very mindful to respect people’s privacy and boundaries. This must only be attempted for the highest good of all involved. We ask for Soul permission and wait to get a sense of what or who we are connecting with while remaining detached so that we can use our channels of Higher Communication to understand what is going on or needed.

The information and insights we receive through this attunement can be appropriately passed on to be used constructively for the highest good of all involved. If we have attuned on our own behalf, we can then use it appropriately in our own life situation.

We can attune to the past, present and future as well as attuning to people and events. 



We can use our golden hook of Love and Light to reach out to attune with our Guides and passed over loved ones. It’s unwise to cast our hooks randomly hoping to connect with something. What we connect with may not have our highest good in mind. Also, our personal motives for seeking this attunement will influence who or what we attract. Many people get diverted on to side tracks on their Spiritual Journey because they think they have attuned to the higher realms of spirit, but in fact they have attuned to the astral realms, which are the realms of illusion and glamour.  There is some truth there but it is cloaked with much untruth. However, these diversions are excellent learning experiences once we have realised what is happening.

When it comes to our Spiritual Guides and Teachers who work with us, we are eventually able to tell who it is we are attuned to because they all have a different nature. We attune to their nature and Higher Communication channels open for interaction with them.


As an aid to the process of manifestation we can use Spiritual Attunement to connect with that which is still in potential relating to what we are building up in our imagination. Then our channels of Higher Communication can come into play to help us decide which way to go with it. We can Spiritually Attune to the present to help us discern what already successfully exists that we can use for our manifestation. We can also use Spiritual Attunement to find out how similar manifestations were initiated in the past or how they could be potentially initiated now. 


The Spiritual Journey is a journey to Enlightenment. We can use our faculty of Spiritual Attunement to attune to “all that is knowable”. As our capacity to understand increases we can potentially access more from that vast fount of “all that is knowable”. As we demonstrate our ethical use of what we already know we gain access to more of what can be known. We should not be afraid to attune to our own nature for in doing so we know what it is we need to be working on at any given time.

It is important to note that Spiritual Attunement should always be used in the innocence of harmlessness, respecting the privacy and free will of others.


Attuning to Nature

As you go about you daily life try attuning to the nature of things.  If you have a pet try to attune to it and get a feel for its nature.  Do this with plants, rocks, dead wood, manufactured objects and so forth.

Write down the results of your attunement if you can. Doing this randomly when you can will strengthen your Spiritual Attunement ability and give you many opportunities to develop your channels of Higher Communication.

Attuning to People

You need to be able to go into a light meditative or contemplative state to do this so set up your environment in the way that best enables you to do this. Put your protections in place. Once settled bring the person into your mind and ask permission from their Soul to attune to them. Assure them that you will respect their privacy. This must be sincere on your part as their Soul will sense it. Allow impressions to come to you via your channels of Higher Communication. It will be most beneficial if you know the person you have attuned to and can ask them for verification on the impressions you got in the session. 

It is very important that you approach this ethically and with respect for the person’s privacy and free will just as you would want that for yourself if someone attunes to you.

You can also attune to people who have passed over in this way too.

Attuning to Events

This is very similar to attuning to people. Go into a light meditative or contemplative state and put your protections in place. Once settled bring the event or set of circumstances into your mind. If this is a highly charged emotional situation then you will have to be able to detach from all that to attune to the underlying energies influencing the situation. Once successfully attuned your channels of Higher Communication can enlighten you as to what is going on in the bigger picture and from all viewpoints.

It is very important that you approach this ethically and with respect for everyone who is involved in the situation. Their privacy and free will is just as important as your own and your need to gain insights into this.