Inner Stability

by Caroline~Aisha

 Inner Stability is like a calm centre that keeps us from extreme actions and reactions in times of crisis or great stress. Most of us have experienced times when our emotions have caused us to be unable to function properly mentally and even physically. We have even been brought to breaking point.

Life in general often tends to stir us up emotionally and mentally.

We all have this Inner Stability latent within us. Simply say, with conviction, “I call upon Inner Stability to awaken within me. We must Trust that it will awaken and have Faith that it will work for us. We may not get instant results. This is something that requires Persistence and Patience.

Our ego will attempt to micromanage the process so we need to detach from the process and let it work as it will. It is best to invoke Inner Stability as part of a regular meditative process so it can activate and be ready to work for us when we really need it. In the meantime, we can also put in the time and effort to understand what is causing our condition and do what we can to master it.

A good place to start is with Detachment and not dwelling on the seeming negatives or injustices in our situation. As spiritual people we know that everything happens for a reason, so look for the lessons in the situation. Perhaps we can detach from some aspects of our situation if not all of it. Breaking a task down into manageable chunks can be useful.

Could it be that our Egos are bruised by certain life situations that are causing our turmoil? We need to be honest with ourselves here. If it is all about how others perceive us, material status in the community, our idea of success and failure etc., then we need to work on these areas so we can truly see that they are not important after all.

There is no “Inner Stability” magic wand but knowing we can invoke it and have the potential to “grow” it within ourselves is a starting point to this aspect of Self-mastery.