Thymus Chakra

The Thymus Centre is traditionally where Prana (life energy) enters the subtle body. This Chakra is situated just above the Heart Chakra. It is not a Chakra that needs awakening. It is fully awake and its correspondence in the Crown is also fully awake and functioning. 

However, it can become sluggish in its action. When this happens you can become easily tired, with a feeling of being drained of energy.

Also, a Heart Chakra that is opened beyond what we would call "right function" will suffocate the Thymus Chakra to a certain extent. Exercise 2 in the section on the Heart Chakra is helpful here. 

When the Heart Chakra and the Thymus Chakra are both at "right function" you will have a harmonious blending of energies at the edges. 

A very useful crystal to bring this Chakra back to a normal functioning is the Keystone for Unconditional Love, Rose Quartz. 

Love in every imaginable form is the Keynote of this Earthly existence. Prana is Unconditional Love as pure living energy. 


Five minutes lying down with a piece of Rose Quartz in the centre of your breastbone can be of assistance to bring balance, harmony and right flow to this centre. 

  1. Simply hold the Rose Quartz in your hand while affirming three times - balance, harmony, right flow, pure flow.
  2. Then place the Rose Quartz in the region of the Thymus Chakra.
  3. Now relax and focus on slow, rythmic breathing while holding the idea that with every breath your Thymus Chakra is returning to "right function" .

You can repeat this exercise once a day for as often as you like. Also wearing a pendant of Rose Quartz sitting over the Thymus Chakra can have beneficial effects.

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