Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra sits at the throat area. It influences your ability to communicate in the physical world and in the non-physical worlds. It is the Chakra that controls the ability of clairaudience. Now for some people this means actually hearing sounds from non-physical realms. For others it is sound that comes like thoughts in the mind, thoughts that are not your own but genuine communication from spirit.

A very useful crystal to assist in developing communication skills at all levels as well as helping to balance the natural flow of energy within the Throat Chakra is the Keystone for Truth, Blue Lace Agate.

Let Blue Lace Agate assist you to bring forth your truth. It doesn't have to be spoken out loud. It can be in the privacy of your own mind.

As with all the Chakras, it is not wise to force an awakening. The best and safest way is the indirect approach.


Ten to fifteen minutes sitting back with a small piece of Blue Lace Agate at your throat can be of assistance to bring balance, harmony and right flow to this centre.

  1. Simply hold the stone in your hand while affirming three times - balance, harmony, right flow, right speech.
  2. Then place the Blue Lace Agate at your throat while reading a book, watching TV or whatever will ensure that you are NOT focussing on your Throat Chakra.

Ten to fifteen minutes at a time, once a day for a week is enough. After that you can do it as you feel the need.

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