The Sun

15/04/2021 - Spending time with that special someone is the focus for many. More opportunities are coming to you for this. Some will be focusing on quality time with family and friends rather that romance while others will have more opportunities to find that special romantic person.

02/02/2021 - Whether alone, part of a couple or in a group it is now becoming possible to achieve some of those dreams and life ambitions that you have never given up on.

29/08/2020 - Spending time with that special person or special group of people is now possible for many. Others will be planning for when this can happen. It will come as a surprise for some while others will be surprised at how much the little things in life mean so much to them now.

17/06/2020 - Soulmate relationships are being highlighted. For some this means a strengthening of an existing relationship while for others it is meeting someone new who will have a significant impact on your life.

24/04/2020 - Sometimes there is that one person who seems to be linked to us with a deep connection. This may have been formed in this life for the first time but is more likely a bond formed over many lifetimes. This person is coming into focus in some way in the lives of many of us right now. It can be wonderful or challenging or both. Whatever is happening is meant to happen so go with the flow of events.

12/10/2019 - Happy family/friend times are here or being planned. There is reconciliation in some relationships and some people are planning to increase their family with a child or a pet.

24/07/2019 - The emphasis is on soul mates and soul families. Many will be meeting people who will have a significant role to play in their life. This works both ways and can be challenging as well as very rewarding at many levels. Some of these people are already in your life and now is a time when these special relationships will be highlighted in some way.

21/03/2019 - Time spent with those you consider to be soul mates or soul family is what you need to feel replenished and strengthened to continue to push on with something that is challenging but which will bring positive results to all concerned.

30/12/2018 - Reconnecting with family and friends is the focus here. This is not limited to flesh and blood relationships but also includes Soul connections. This can be a very emotional and loving time.

26/08/2018 - Coming together with like minded people is going to be a focus for many over the coming months. Some will need to seek out the right people while others will find that those people come to them. It may be a mix of this. Take advantage of the opportunities for personal growth that this offers.

20/06/2018 - Some bright new personal connections are on the horizon. Some people are going to have a significant and positive impact on your life experience in the coming months. Some will challenge you and this will bring out the best in you.   

06/05/2018 - Gathering together people of like mind is something that will feature quite strongly for many people in the coming months. This is just the beginning of something that has the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of those who join with you in whatever endeavour you undertake.  

04/04/2018 - Getting together with people you resonate with whether they are family or friends is going to be high on your list of priorities. You may even be reorganising your life ready for spending extra time with certain people who mean a lot to you. The effort you put into these relationships will be worth it.  

08/06/2017 - The indications are that you are going to come out of a difficult situation stronger than you were before. You will know where you stand and what options are open to you. This will allow you to make the decisions that will lead you on to the next stage of your life.

28/04/2017 - People are in your life for a reason. If someone is challenging you in some way at this time then don't waste time grumbling about it. What you need to do is face the challenge the best way you can, make compromises where you can but not at the expense of your own wellbeing. Everything runs its course and this will too.

10/03/2017 - Sunny outcomes and happy gatherings are coming for you and those you care about. There will be lots of support for anyone going through a tough time right now. Anyone needing assistance to cope with difficult situations will have what they need to move forward.

30/12/2016 - Many people are having or soon will be having some significant experiences with one or more Soulmates. Soulmates often challenge each other because they have made a Soul level comittment to help each other grow. These people bring wonderful, challenging and life changing opportunities to you. It is also good to realise that you too are someone's Soulmate and so it may be you who is about to change someone's life forever.

01/04/2016 - You may get an unexpected opportunity to get together with family and friends. This may include someone who was very special to you a long time ago. Lots of thinking and talking about old times and strengthening the bonds of love, friendship and/or family.

25/09/2015 - Soul Mate relationships are coming in to focus now. These can be romantic but are not limited to romance. Quite often our Soul Mates come into our lives to challenge us in various ways. How we meet those challenges will determine the outcomes.

18/08/2015 - Family gatherings and social events with friends are on the agenda for the next few weeks. For some it will be a time of meeting new people or reconnecting with special people from your past. Those fortunate to be in soulmate relationships will get the opportunity to take things to a new and more significant level.

06/05/2015 -  Soul mate connections are coming into focus again. Many of you have completed some very challenging life lessons and are now ready to meet new and interesting people. For some these meetings will be romantic and have the potential to be long lasting. For others the focus will be on renewing family ties, strengthening old and new friendships and welcoming new family members.

05/03/2015 - There can be a happy outcome for something that is very important to you. Solutions are coming forward. It is up to you to embrace them and act on them to get that positive outcome.

28/01/2015 - Soul mate connections are coming into focus for a lot of people. For some it is romantic soul mates while for others it is soul mate relationships of other kinds that bring important life lessons in the coming months. While this is sure to be interesting and significant it can be unsettling and challenging.

23/10/2014 - All of those matters that are worrying you concerning close family members and close friends are being resolved. Opportunities are arising that allow for family reunions, celebrations and reconcilliations. Soulmate relationships are being highlighted. This can often be quite interesting and challenging as soulmates are often together to test the boundaries and stretch the limits.