The Star

24/10/2020 - There is good reason to hope and even expect a successful outcome in some situation that is causing you concern. If possible don't "put all your eggs in one basket" and keep options open.

25/12/2019 - There is hope in a situation that you thought was hopeless. If you are afraid to hope then try to keep an open mind and let things unfold. For some there is so much going on that is out of your control. In this case focus on what you can do and let the rest be what it will be. Things are working out as they should.

19/12/2019 - There is reason to be hopeful of a good outcome in some area of importance for yourself or a loved one.

19/10/2019 - Sometimes there is more than one way to achieve your dream. This may be one of those times when a change in perspective or attitude brings the right people into your life to assist making that dream come true.

23/07/2019 - When it comes to your hopes and dreams don't get bogged down in the finer details. It is always good to have a backup plan so that the ultimate outcome is successful even if the journey to get there may not go to the original plan. There will be success, one way or the other.

01/08/2018 - There is good reason to hope for a good outcome to something you are planning. You may have to do a bit more than you hoped you would but the extra effort will be worth it in the end.

26/11/2017 - There is good reason to hope that something will be resolved in your favour. Things are changing in some way and this frees up energy that has been stagnant for some time. Fresh new ideas and an enthusiasm for life are part of this change.

04/10/2017 - There is reason to hope that a situation that is causing you concern or heartache is about to be resolved in an unexpected way. This may lead to the need to make decisions. Take your time and do not rush things. Enjoy the journey and allow the destination to be a surprise.

03/09/2017 - We don't always get what we hope for but every now and then we do. Sometimes what we get is more than we ever hoped for. Things happening now are lining up to bring about one of these wonderful times when our hopes become reality.

01/09/2017 - There is every reason to hope for a good outcome to something that is very important to you. Expect something good to happen for you in the very near future. You have earned this.

14/04/2017 - This is a major growth time for many people. That often means that times are difficult because we seem to learn and grow the most during our darkest days. That growth is not usually realised until things change and we move on in some way. There are good reasons to hope that you will experience changes for the better soon and be in a position to take advantage of the growth that is occurring now.

14/12/2016 - Everything is working out as it should be in all fairness according to the life lessons that are being learned. Therefore there is good reason to hope for a good outcome in any area that this applies to for you. Be aware in the moment and you will not miss any opportunities for growth and success. 

05/11/2016 - You have gained ground in some situation which places you in the strongest position you have been in for quite some time. Hold on tight and let things flow as they will. 

31/10/2016 - There is good reason to hope for the best in some situation even if it seems hopeless right now.

16/04/2016 - Take heart in that things are going to start to look much brighter soon. You may have a couple more obstacles to overcome or things to sort out but the long term outlook is very promising.

26/10/2015 - There is good reason to hope for the best in some situation. You may have to make some changes, do things a bit differently, break a larger task or goal down into smaller ones and so forth. All this can be done if you put your mind to it.

04/10/2015 - There is good reason to hope and even expect that finances will get a decent boost when you least expect it. Some of you will then have choices you did not have before then so don't be hasty but allow yourself time to make a choice that will give you the most benefit.

05/05/2015 - Don't let past failures stop you from aiming for the good things in life. You are a constantly growing and evolving person and you don't have to keep experiencing the same situations. Look and learn and then you can move on to bigger and better things in life. The potential for greatness is within us all.

17/11/2014 - There may be the need for some "give and take" in order to resolve something. The outlook is actually quite promising as long as it is not going all one way. This may be obvious to pick in your situation but if it isn't then maybe it has to do with something within yourself. Perhaps you are being too specific about what you want in life and have left no room for compromise. You may be limiting yourself and therefore not allowing those things you can't possibly imagine to come to you and bring unexpected goodness.