The Spiritual Mind

6th Principle

The Sixth Principle, Spiritual Mind can be called “The Superconscious Mind,” as it distinguishes between the Subconscious Mind or Instinctive Mind, the Conscious Mind or Intellect, and itself. The spiritual Mind is outside of the realm of ordinary human consciousness and is very different from the lower or Instinctive Mind. It is through our intellect that we may come to understand it. It is that journey of coming to understand our Superconscious Mind (Spiritual Mind) that brings us to the experience of it.

Remember, these three Principles of Mind blend into each other - instinctive into intellect into spiritual (sub-conscious into self-conscious into super-conscious).

Awakening human beings are hearing the call of their Spiritual Minds (Superconsciousness) when they have a sense of a higher “Something Within,” which leads them up to higher and nobler thoughts, desires, aspirations and deeds. There is that faint glimmering of the Light of the Spirit. While they may not know it they are influenced by it, even if only slightly. In fact, everyone receives some of its beneficent rays, although in some cases the light is so dimmed by the dense material obstacles surrounding people that it is virtually undetected. However we are continually unfolding so the light will eventually shine fully on all of us.

All that we consider good, noble, and great in the human mind comes from the Spiritual Mind and is gradually unfolded into the ordinary consciousness. You could say that it is projected into the consciousness of the person who has not yet reached the superhuman stage of full Spiritual Consciousness. All that has come to us in our evolution, which tends toward spirituality, kindness, humanity, justice, unselfish love, mercy, sympathy compassion and so forth, has come to us through our slowly unfolding Spiritual Minds. Our sense of a Higher Power, Creator or Source of All and our love for our fellow human beings has come to us in this way.

As our unfoldment goes on our idea of Justice enlarges, we have more Compassion, our feelings of Human Brotherhood increase, our ideas of Love grow and we increase in all the qualities which people of all belief systems pronounce “good”.

The Spiritual Mind goes beyond intellect. It passes certain truths which it finds in its own regions of the mind down to the intellect and the intellect reasons about them. The intellect is "cold" while Spiritual Consciousness is "warm" and alive with high feeling. We have come to associate feeling with the astral (emotional) principle. We must remember that while we are examining these seven principles separately they are in fact the "whole" of us and they "work" with or "against" each other depending on our particular stage of unfoldment. Eventually all seven  principles will work harmoniously together.

Belief systems are formed when the intellect reasons upon the impressions of a "Divine Power" received from the spiritual mind and tries to form them into religions, creeds, cults and so forth. Human beings become kind and loving because certain impulses and desires come from some unknown place (spiritual mind - superconsciousness) which make it impossible for them to be otherwise without suffering discomfort and pain. These impulses are as real as other desires and impulses and as we develop, these impulses become more numerous and much stronger. It may not seem like it when we look at the world today but, compared to our savage history, humanity is much kinder and more loving than in those days of our past. We still have a long way to go.

 As time goes on and humanity develops, the terrible suffering which many human beings undergo today will be impossible, because our unfolding Spiritual Consciousness will make the pain felt so severely by all that humanity as a whole will not be able to stand it and will insist upon matters being remedied.

The old story of each person having two advisors, one at each ear, one whispering to follow the higher teachings and the other tempting to pursue the lower path, is shown to be practically true by the occult teaching regarding the three mental principles. The Intellect represents the “I” consciousness of the average person. This “I” has on one side the Instinctive Mind encouraging the person to keep to the old desires of the former self, the old habits, the easier path. On the other side is the Spiritual Mind, sending its unfolding impulses into the Intellect, and endeavouring to draw the consciousness up to itself, to aid in the person’s unfoldment and development, leading to the mastery of the lower nature.

For those of us who are now exploring these principles, our Souls are in a transition stage of consciousness and the struggle is quite painful at times. Eventually we will rise above the attraction of the lower nature. Our dawning Spiritual Consciousness enables us to understand what is truly going on and aids us in asserting mastery over the lower self by opening ourselves up to the light from the Spiritual Mind and allowing ourselves to be drawn up into it.

The Spiritual Mind is also the source of the inspiration which certain poets, painters, sculptors, writers, preachers, orators, and others have received in all times and which they receive today. This is the source from which Seers obtain their visions and Prophets their foresight. Many have concentrated themselves upon high ideals in their work, and have received rare knowledge from this source, and have attributed it to beings of another world such as angels, spirits or even from God. Most of the time it was the voice of their own Higher Self speaking to them. However higher intelligences do often communicate with us through the channel of our Spiritual Mind. it is just that much that people have attributed to outside intelligences has really come from themselves. By the development of our Spiritual Consciousness, we may bring ourselves into a high relationship and contact with the higher part of our nature, and may thus become possessed of a knowledge of which the Intellect has not dared dream.

Certain high psychic powers are also open to us in this way, but such powers are rarely obtained until we can rise above the attractions of the lower part of our nature. Unless this were so we might use these high gifts for base purposes. It is only when a person ceases to care for power for his or her personal use that power comes. Such is the Law.

When we learn of the existence of our spiritual mind and begin to recognise its promptings and guidance, we strengthen our bond of communication with it, and consequently receive light of a greater brilliancy. When we learn to trust the Spirit, it responds by sending us more frequent flashes of illumination and enlightenment. As we unfold in Spiritual Consciousness we rely more upon this Inner Voice, and are able more readily to distinguish it from impulses from the lower planes of the mind. We learn to follow Spirit’s guidance and to allow it to lend us a helping hand. Many of us have learned to know the reality of being “guided by the Spirit.” To those who have experienced this guidance we need not say more, for they will recognise just what we mean. It cannot be forced but is a natural occurrence as we unfold upon our Spiritual Path.

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