Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra sits several centimetres below the naval and is the centre linked to your creativity at all levels. At the physical level it influences your reproductive organs, fertility and vitality. At higher levels it influences your creative imagination.

A very useful crystal to assist the natural flow of energy within the Sacral Chakra is the Keystone for Creation, Carnelian.


Twenty to Thirty minutes sitting or lying with a piece of orange Carnelian in the area of your Sacral Chakra can be of assistance to bring balance, harmony and right flow to it.

  1. Simply hold the Carnelian in your hand while affirming three times - balance, harmony, right flow.
  2. Then place the Carnelian in the region of the Sacral Chakra. There is no need to focus on it. In fact it is better to focus on something else and let the energy from the Carnelian do its work unhindered by your mental energy.

You can repeat this exercise as often as you like. If you feel an urge to remove the stone, do so as it means that you have had enough. If that happens leave it alone for a week or so before doing it again. Never continue if it feels uncomfortable.

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