Queen of Wands

07/03/2021 - You may surprise yourself with just how well you do in some situation. This is an indication of what you are really capable of so it is time to have confidence in yourself and your ability to succeed.

08/02/2021 - Interacting with women in positions of power within the workplace may be challenging for some. Think before you speak or act is the main message here. This can of course apply to any situation you find yourself in. It also applies if you are the influential woman.  

20/12/2020 - The creative feminine aspect is coming out to play. Going along with it should lead to some interesting experiences and outcomes. Resisting it may lead to frustration and misuse of time.

27/11/2020 - Be careful what advice or help you give as the person presenting to you may not be giving you the full story. If in doubt, don't commit to anything and see how things develop.

07/10/2020 - You may have to take charge of some situation even if you don't feel comfortable doing so. This is not a time to worry about stepping on people's toes. If it needs to be said or done then just do it.

01/08/2020 - Some of you will be feeling like order has been restored to the chaos that life seemed to be for some time. Taking stock of what you have achieved and what you still want to achieve is something a lot of you will be doing in the weeks and months to come. Currant situations are manageable when common sense prevails.

10/06/2020 - Do not sit in judgement of others. They are doing the best they can at the moment. Perhaps you can come up with a better way to deal with something. Find a diplomatic way to present this and all will turn out well.

27/03/2020 - You can sit secure in the knowledge that you have done all you could in some situation. Now is the time to let things unfold as they will and take advantage of various opportunities as they flow to you.

05/02/2020 - Stubbornness will get you nowhere. This is a time to be broad minded and flexible while remaining true to your self. Make no compromises that undermine your self worth while seeking those compromises that are "win, win".

20/01/2020 - You are worth waiting for; you are worth fighting for; you are lovable. therefore do not compromise your principles in order to please or appease someone.

06/09/2019 - You may have to stand your ground or stand alone in some matter. Trust yourself and do not go along with the "crowd" as time will prove you right.

29/06/2019 - While some of you are moving up the career ladder others are just starting out. Either way female supervisors or mentors are playing a significant role. Some of you are actually that role model and in some cases this card is representing a male with a caring and nurturing attitude in the workplace.

25/03/2019 - It is time to put your business or professional cap on to deal with something that has been an ongoing problem or annoyance.

07/03/2019 - It's time to man up or woman up and do the right thing for yourself in some situation. It doesn't matter what others think of you or may say about you. You know that you have good reasons for your decisions.

10/02/2019 - It may be necessary to step up and take charge of something for a time to give others the opportunity to recover their resources so they can take charge once again further down the track.

22/01/2019 - Whether you are male or female this card represents you in the role of nurturing something creative. This may be in your personal life or working life. This is the energy of the strong, firm yet compassionate guide. He/She may be you or someone who is having a positive influence on you at this time. You can trust her/him.

17/12/2018 - While it may not be obvious yet you have good cause to be confident about the outcome of something you are very committed to. Allow your inner self to shine and all will be well.

09/11/2018 - You may seek the advice of someone you consider to be an expert in their field or at least someone who knows more about something than you do so that you can make the right decisions about something of importance.

09/06/2018 - Nurturing your career path and making decisions regarding the direction you want your life to go in will be front and centre over the coming months. Those whose working lives are behind them will be doing this in regards to building fulfilling life experiences and helping others in some way.

24/06/2018 - You are about to impress someone with your talents or abilities in some area. Just be yourself and you will find that you shine at just the right time and in just the right place to make a difference in your own life as well as in the life of someone else.

03/05/2018 - This augurs well for those who are trying to gain employment or an advancement in their career or workplace. Someone is supporting you or recommending you in some way that is beneficial to you. in some cases you may be that person for someone else.

01/03/2018 - Some gains at work are likely at this time. If you are not in the workforce then this relates to any area of your life where you direct your time and energy. Things are starting to pay off for you.

20/12/2017 - You have much to offer and will soon find that you are able to give of your best where you most want to. What you give will be appreciated and valued.  

18/09/2017 - Your self confidence should be on the rise. Do not let the opinions of others bring you down. They do not know what is best for you. You are about to move into a new way of living and working which will show you that all that has happened over the past year of so has been leading you in the right direction after all.

12/09/2017 - Many will be feeling quite emotional at achieving something that they have worked very hard for and often doubted would come to pass in the way it has. The sense of achievement and of being in control of your life makes all the effort worthwhile.

06/08/2017 - You have so many wonderful qualities and great strengths developed out of all the challenges you have met and overcome during the last several years. Don't let current events or people's judgments make you doubt your wonderful Self. 

20/07/2017 - Sometimes when things get on top of you it is so easy to feel like a victim. Acknowledge that some things are not fair to you without slipping into "Victim" mode. "Victim" mode attracts more experiences that make you feel that way. Dig deep and find that strong, resilient person who is no one's victim.

19/06/2017 - Those in the workforce may find their superiors suddenly wanting to make changes which could affect the way you do your work. This may or may not be beneficial to you, depending on what these changes are. Others may find themselves at the mercy of other people's decisions. Step back and take your time responding to this.

25/03/2017 - In a battle of wills it is not a matter of who backs down first. The important thing is recognising when you can win and when it is wise to back down temporarily while you work out another way to approach the situation.

15/03/2017 - Being at tthe mercy of the decisions of others so you can get moving on something can be very frustrating. However, if there is nothing you can do about it then try to make light of it and do the best you can until things improve. There is an indication that an improvement in a difficult situation is on the way.

14/02/2017 - It looks like you can rely on somone in authority to help you sort out a work issue. While things may be difficult and sometimes confusing there is a lot more going on than you are unaware of. Things will be revealed and a workable solution will be found so keep on with what you are currently doing.

23/01/2017 - If you are in the workforce then it is time that you put yourself forward in some way or stand up for youself and your position. If this does not relate to you in the context of the workplace then the message is to move out of your comfort zone even if just a little bit. It is time.

09/08/2016 - You should soon be feeling very proud of yourself for some reason or feeling very proud of someone you love or admire. 

19/06/2016 - Don't settle for less than you think you are worth. While this is primarily applying to you it can also apply to things you are selling or wanting to buy. So don't let someone manipulate you into paying more for something than it is worth.

08/06/2016 - If you are feeling less confident or are unsure of yourself and your place in life it is time to have a deep and meaningful look at all the aspects of your life. Those things and people that are most important to you should stand out and from that knowledge you can see what changes you can make that will lead you to confidence in your self and you place in life. 

22/12/2015 - For those who work there are bonuses, promotions or some form of recognition that is beneficial to you on the way. Those looking for work will get a helping hand in that area and those who don't have to work will still get recognition for all the hard work you do in various ways.

26/09/2015 - Creative ways of looking at old, tiresome and/or unsatisfactory situations can lead to new and quite unexpected solutions.

22/07/2015 - You are a strong person who has gained a lot of knowledge and skills from your life experience. Don't underestimate your ability to get ahead in life whether this be in relationships or working life. Build on the skills you have and you will build success.

01/05/2015 - Stand firm in your resolve. You are on the right track and know what is right and fair. People might try to undermine your belief in yourself and what you have decided on. Do not let emotional blackmail or mental manipulation change your mind or confuse you.

07/04/2015 - Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve the things you have set your mind and heart on. Don't let insecure people project their self-doubt on to you. You are not helping anyone by holding yourself back from success just to keep some person company in the misery of their failure to move forward in life.

26/03/2015 - If you feel as if life is passing you by, that you are just filling in your days with anything to pass the time, then it is time to do something about it. No one is going to rescue you so it is up to you to find something worthwhile to do like charity work, doing a course, giving your home a refreshing new look, getting a casual job, reorganising how you do your job at work, organising a social group and the list goes on depending on your personal circumstances. Look outside of yourself to see the possibilities and then do something about it.

20/03/2015 - Don't let anyone convince you that you are not worth the time an effort required to get to know you properly. If people aren't going to take you seriously then you really don't need them in your life no matter how important they have managed to make themselves seem to you. If they are connected to you in a way that you can't get out of like a work relationship or family member then this is the time to develope the ability to ignore them.

20/11/2014 - If you are waiting for something to happen to turn your life around you may be waiting forever unless you are prepared to put the time and effort into working out what you really need to be happy and successful. Once you have sorted this out you will need to formulate a plan of action and carry it out. Then with determination and perseverance the odds are in your favour for success.