Queen of Swords

04/04/2021 - Enough is enough. It is time to assert yourself in some way. Some people may be shocked at what you do or say but the time has come for you to be honest with yourself and others.

13/03/2021 - You may have to be strict with yourself. This is not the time to give in to the course of least resistance. Some restraint at this time will pave the way for more freedom of action further down the track. 

25/12/2020 - Acknowledging all those who find this particular day of the year to be difficult for so many reasons. Your feelings are valid and you handle this time in your own unique way. May the Peace and Good Will that so many genuinely express at this time find it's way to you, bringing the healing you need.

19/02/2020 – Standing firm in what you require to have your needs met will ultimately bring about the very conditions you need. This is not a time to give in to fear but to remain strong in your choices.

06/02/2020 - Stand firm in your convictions. It might be a bit confusing at the moment so retreat within and get in touch with your core beliefs relative to the situation. From that point you will get the clarity you need.

29/11/2019 - Tired of being alone? A person can be surrounded by people, have good friends and supportive family and still be alone in some way. The solution for this is unique to each person but a starting point is to look deep to find out the base cause of this 'aloneness'. From that point a way forward can appear.

17/10/2019 - You may have to make a decision for someone who can't or won't make it for themself. Trust that you have everyone's best interests at heart and do what needs to be done.

01/10/2019 - Standing your ground in some area or with someone is important right now. How you conduct yourself now will impact on things to come.

27/05/2019 - You may come into contact with someone you have been avoiding for quite some time. If this happens then just go with it as it is the right time for this to happen.

15/08/2018 - It is time to be firm but fair with someone. You have been very tolerant and accepting of someone or some situation for far too long and now is the time for a bit of "tough love" for someone or perhaps even for yourself.

16/07/2018 - The only way to sort something out to your advantage is to be very firm about what you want and even when you want it. Don't be afraid to pack up and leave the situation if necessary. This may not be literally packing and leaving. For some it is symbolic but just as strong a message.  

02/05/2018 - You may have to be stern with someone. They may be using a little bit of emotional blackmail to get their own way but you will know that this time you must be firm for everyone's sake. If someone is being firm with you then stop and really take not of this whole situation. Maybe they really do have your best interest at heart.  

21/07/2017 - It is a time of separating paths for many people. You may find that you are leaving people and situations behind. Even if the process of letting go is hard and emotionally charged it is freeing you to be more truly who you are. You may also realise that you are being left behind. If so look at everything and take responsibility for your part in it while at the same time do not accept blame when you do not deserve it. 

22/06/2017 - If things don't go your way try not to be upset or bitter about it. It is better to put it behind you as much as possible and focus on new things, new people, new ways of doing things and living your life.

21/04/2017 - You may have to say, "enough is enough" in some situation and set some boundaries. This may be in your dealings with other people or it may be your own self who needs pulling into line in some way.

27/12/2016 - Taking a firm stand in some situation or area of life will pay off. Some of you have already done this so soon you will get your results of standing firm. Others may just be realising that this is what they need to do. Be firm but fair.

11/10/2016 - Don't let yourself become bitter about the things that didn't work out well for you. On the surface it seems so unfair but in reality life is really what we make it and some things are simply not meant to be. Look forward, not backwards and do some things differently from now on.

08/09/2016 - You may need to be quite firm with someone. They may see it as being too severe but don't allow anyone to undermine your confidence in what you have to do. This is not a time to worry about what other people think about you. It really doesn't matter.

14/07/2016 - If you find yourself feeling anxious, worried or depressed for no reason that you can think of then it may be that you are picking up on the energy of those around you. Don't automatically accept these feelings as your own. Surround yourself in a beautiful bubble of sunshine that neutralises any negative energy that comes close to you.

02/03/2016 - It is better to be single than in a bad or inadequate relationship. Blaming others for the things that go wrong in life never leads to happiness, only to frustration, anger and regret. If it is not working, find a way to end it and move on. Fresh starts are possible if you make the needed attitude changes. 

15/01/2016 - It is time to follow your own Light in some situation. Just because something worked well or did not work well for one person, it doens't mean it is the same for you. Live your life your way this time.

06/06/2015 - Those of you who have been through an extended hard time that has pushed you to the limits and forced you to face many things about yourself and others are about to enter a new phase of life where you will be rewarded in some way.

18/02/2015 - Someone may try to block you in some way. For some this is a good thing because it will force you into a different and better direction. For others it means having to play the waiting game as you work out how to get around them. 

15/02/2015 - Some people become bitter due to the adversities of their particular life experience. Bitterness is a barrier to happiness so if you feel yourself slipping into it make a huge effort to stop. This does not minimise the extent or severity of your trials and tribulations but may help you to move on to something better or at least stop life from getting worse. This may not apply to you personally but you will probably cross paths with someone who is in this position. Maybe you can help them.

17/01/2015 - You may have to stand your ground with someone and not give in to their demands. This may be a relative, friend, work colleague, boss or some other person you come into contact with. For some of you it may be the other way around and you will meet with risistence in some matter.

09/06/2014 - You may have to be firm and even severe with someone you care about. You know it is in their best interest to help them to become more self-reliant or to see something for what it really is. You may have tried this before and given in but this time you know you can do it. The events of the last few years have made you strong so don't doubt your ability to do this.