Queen of Pentacles

10/12/2020 - Opportunities to save some money or put money aside for a rainy day are coming. Think before you spend as some things aren't needed, will become less expensive soon or will come to you in another way.

12/11/2020 - It's time to bring those lofty hopes, wishes and/or goals down to earth where they can grow into something practical and worthwhile in life. For some it is time to let go of something so that growth can occur.

23/06/2020 - Feeling gratitude for what you have and making the most of an existing situation opens the way for unexpected positive outcomes.

01/06/2020 - You may be contemplating making some changes to the material aspect of your life. Changing jobs, relocating, buying or selling a house or other major item like a car or boat are just some examples. These are major changes but some will only be making minor, yet significant changes.

06/01/2020 - Thoughts may turn towards saving money or finding ways to generate more income. Creative ideas may flow to you. Some of them hold potential to be successful while others will prove to be impractical. Think things through before taking action. 

31/07/2019 - If you are seeking financial advice from someone make sure that this person actually knows what they are talking about. It may be wise at this time to seek this advice from several sources.

12/03/2019 - Opportunities to make money are on hand. For a few it will be gifts and winnings while for most it will be through work opportunities. Make the most of what comes to you.

06/07/2018 - A woman with some wise advice will help you out in some way. This may be to help you to understand something or to make a wise decision that will have a positive effect on your future welfare and abundance.

28/06/2018 - Opportunities to make money or increase your income are on the way. Wise use of your current assets and future planning are also going to include some lifestyle changes leading to a more stable prosperity.  

09/05/2018 - You may be taking stock of your financial resources and finding creative ways to stretch your money further. For some little windfalls will come at just the right time and others will find that some expenses can be done away with altogether.  

17/09/2017 - You may find yourself taking stock of your financial position and feeling confident that you can manage to make ends meet with a little something left over for those extras that make life more interesting. 

09/04/2017 - Someone has your back so to speak. When you need it the most you will find some much needed support.

07/01/2017 - Things are looking brighter concerning financail matters. Opportunities for earning more, working less but still managing on less money, financial gifts and loans repaid are but some of the ways your finances will be less stressful in the coming months.

09/03/2016 - Sometimes you just have to give some extra time to your means of earning a living. This may mean working some extra hours in your own business, working paid overtime or putting yourself out in order to asssit someone dependent on you to be able to earn some money. All this means some extra cash for you in the long term and more freedom to do what you want later on.

10/02/2016 - A focus on financial arrangements is becoming more important for many. Outstanding debts need to be paid, financial partnerships that are no longer positive need to be wound up, money owed needs to be collected etc. For some property settlements will be the focus either through partnerships ending or people needing to relocate etc.

22/01/2016 - You or someone you care a lot about may have to come up with a few different ways to get the finanaces needed for something important but not critical. Patience may be needed and the willingness to try something different and to work quite hard at times.

08/12/2015 - Some of you are going to be able to start up something that means a lot to you. You have either worked hard to become financially able to do this or someone who cares a lot about you and your happiness will support you financially in this. It may be a combination of these for some. If this is not relevant to you directly it may be for someone you care about and you will be very excited for them when you hear about it. In some cases you may be the one who is the financial backer for someone whose ideas you believe in.

28/10/2015 - You may find yourself in the position of funding something that is important to you and someone close to you. If the partnership is well balanced then you will not regret your investment.

11/03/2015 - You may be thinking deeply about your financial situation in the days to come. Planning on saving for a rainy day, considering the wisdom of investments, what to do with Superannuation, types of insurance you should have etc and how to fund it all are all possible food for thought.

09/09/2014 - If you are a Mother you will be thinking of your children and grandchildren this week. There may even be some quality time spent together and organising celebrations and/or other appointments that are important to their welfare and yours. It is a bit of a mixture of celebration and the more serious but all in all it highlights strong family connections.