Queen of Cups

23/02/2021 - Don't over think the situation. Focus only on what you know is fact or that you can count on. More will be revealed in time and then you will know what to do. Some will find that they don't need to do very much at all.

22/01/2021 - Something happening now has the potential to bring you great satisfaction. For some it is obvious and so you can move on in this with confidence. Others may have to look deeply into current circumstances to see the golden opportunities.

23/10/2020 - Ideas, thoughts, feelings are bubbling up from your deepest self. This has the potential to lead you into new and interesting places in life. Some will be confronted with aspects of themselves that need healing. This is the time to take notice of them and seek the appropriate therapies to ensure your next phase in life has the best chance of happiness and success.

26/08/2020 - Getting the right mix in some situation may require a lot of thought and taking notice of your intuition. This is not a time to blindly follow the advice of others. Listen to them but make up your own mind on what is best for you.

26/04/2020 - Deep thinking about something will bring forth good results.Do not skirt around the difficult issues but face them head on and you will see what it is you need to do.

02/04/2020 - Let go of imagined outcomes and focus on the facts you have in front of you. It is by taking notice of these that you have the best chance to make decisions that will lead to positive outcomes in the long term.

01/03/2020 - Take time out to relax and regenerate.  For many people events are carrying you forward into a new life phase. Use the time now to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for what is to come. Even though this is a positive new phase there can still be some challenges and surprises as it gets under way.

02/02/2020 - Don't be afraid of your emotional nature. If events occurring now are causing your emotions to run riot then don't try to suppress them. Honour them by expressing them in a positive way. If you need help with this then don't be afraid to seek support from friends and family or even seek professional help. Even happy changes in circumstances can be overwhelming at times

13/11/2019 - Some deep thinking may be required in order for a decision to be made or action taken. This may well be a time when that "gut feeling" is what you need to listen too rather than the chatter of your mind.

01/11/2019 - Emotions may be running high for some people. Others may have to deal with the heightened emotions of those around them. Whatever you do, don't take on the problems of someone else. This is a time to focus on your own issues.

07/09/2019 - Do not get involved in someone's emotional turmoil. They may turn to you for support and while you should give some kind of support it is best to keep it minimal until emotions settle down a bit. This is not your drama.

26/05/2019 – You will be drawing on your intuition or gut feeling to make a decision or to get something accomplished successfully. Keep those dreamy emotions in check so that you can see clearly when the time comes to act.

16/04/2019 - You will know what to do and how to do it. Be confident that the solution to reach the desired outcome will come to you at the time you need it most. Trust.

09/07/2018 - Things are about to unfold in ways that will show you what is really going on in some area of your life. Some of what you suspected will be proved correct while things that you had not considered will be brought forward.  

13/05/2018 - It is very important that you take notice of your intuition in some matter that is very close to your heart. Others may think they know what is best for you but when it comes down to it, you are the one with the answers in this case.  

27/02/2018 - You may find yourself lost in daydreams about what you hope or even know your life is going to be. You can trust those inner knowings at this time so make some plans and set some goals that are in alignment with this.  

18/11/2017 - You will have lots to think about. Clarity in some area has come or soon will. Then you will know what you are working with in making decisions and plans for the future. There is a lot to do before the beginning of the New Year.

04/11/2017 - Don't doubt yourself and don't slip into the habits of the past. You are not that person anymore and you know it. Move forward in the direction you know is right for you even if it is not what you would have done a short while ago. You are still discovering yourself and you will be surprised at what you find.

21/10/2017 - Take the time to consider all your options in some matter. You might not like the option that is in your best interest but to do anything else will clearly not solve the problem. Some of you have already done this and are realising that it has been worth getting out of their comfort zone and taking a chance on life.

15/10/2017 - You may have a lot to think about. Your intuition can help you make the right decisions at this time because you don't know everything that's going on concerning other people who are in some way involved. This really is a time when trusting that inner guidance will set you right.

13/06/2017 - Re-evaluating, re-prioritising, working out what you really want from a situation or life in general may take up some of your time over the next few weeks. Things may not be exactly how you would like them to be but there can be a way forward.

01/05/2017 - You may find yourself doing a lot of thinking about the past, the present and the future. Some choices may become apparent and some decisions made. Many will feel that they have completed something started a long time ago.

05/04/2017 - The simple message here is to "trust your gut" as they say. Information that us useful and meaningful may come to you via your Intuition and this is a time to trust it.

16/01/2016 - The coming weeks may well see you taking time out of your daily routine to meditate on or comtemplate the meaning of your life. For some this will be nothing new but will take on a new depth with greater enlightenment. For others it will be something quite new and hopefully fulfilling. Some will let it go after awhile. Some will realise that they have started an amazing spiritual journey. 

13/09/2016 - You may find yourself feeling displeased with someone or something. Take the time to think through everything properly before taking any action.

17/07/2016 - You may find yourself taking time out to think deeply about something. For those who are very busy at the moment you may feel a bit restless and edgy. If so try to make that time to be quiet and allow whatever comes into your mind show you what is the cause of this and what you need to do.

13/05/2016 - Just because things are taking a long time to come to fruition doesn't mean you can't trust that inner knowing that you are on the right track to success in some area. It is just taking awhile but you can be assured of success in the long term.

05/02/2016 - It is time to trust yourself and your ability to know what is best for you and those close to you. You may have to make some tough decisions but you know that in the long run the results will be worth the turmoil that you may cause in acting on your decisions. Be strong.

01/08/2015 - You may have some decisions to make and when it comes down to the wire, you may have to rely on your intuition rather than logic. You may be bombarded with facts, options etc but with no obvious guarantee of the outcome. This is when you will have to rely on that gut feeling and go for it.

05/06/2015 - If you are getting mixed signals or being bombarded with too may conflicting opinions try to get in touch with the core of your being and the feelings coming from there. Deep down you know what is going on and what you need to do about it. Trust yourself.

20/02/2015 - You may find yourself looking within quite a lot over the next few weeks, thinking deeply about what is happening in your life, looking at your actions and their consequences and the influences that other people are having on you. The message here is to face the truth as your inner, higher self is showing it to you. You will come to some conclusions and make some decisions. The next step then will be to act on them.

19/01/2015 - You may find that you are looking within quite a lot, thinking deeply about what is happening in your life and in the wider world. It may cause you to make some life changing decisions. The message here is to trust your inner urgings and stand by those decisions you make even if it proves to be difficult to carry through with some of them. Sometimes you just have to start on a journey and the destination takes care of itself.

22/06/2014 - For many this is a time of deep reflection. Reviewing the past, releasing regrets, forgiving self and others will prepare you for what is coming. Take as long as you need to process this as a job only half done will not prepare you to take full advantage of these coming opportunities.