Prana - Vital Force

3rd Principle

Prana is universal energy. We will discuss that manifestation of Prana which we call vital force. This vital force is found in all forms of life from single celled organisms to human beings, from the most basic form of plant life to the highest form of animal life. Prana is all-pervading. It is found in all things having life. The occult philosophy teaches that life is in all things, in every atom. The apparent lifelessness of some things is only a lesser degree of manifestation so we may say that Prana is everywhere, in everything, even the air we breathe.  Prana is not the Soul, but is a form of energy used by the Soul in its material manifestation.

The Soul departs from the physical body in what we call “death”. At this time the Prana, being no longer under the control of the Soul, responds only to the orders of the individual atoms or their groups which have formed the physical body. As the physical body disintegrates and is resolved back to its original elements each atom takes sufficient Prana with it to enable it to form new combinations. The unused Prana returns to the great universal storehouse from where it originally came from. Prana is in all forms of matter and yet it is not matter. It is the energy or force which animates matter.

Prana is the force underlying magnetic healing, much of mental healing, absent treatment and so forth. It may be directed toward relieving pain in one’s self and others by sending a supply of Prana extracted from the air to the affected part. It may be projected to affect other people at a distance. The thought of the projector sends forth and colours the Prana gathered for the purpose and it finds its place in the psychic organism of the person. Prana is invisible to most people with the exception of certain people who have attained a high degree of clairvoyant power. It passes through intervening obstacles and seeks the person attuned to receive it.

This transferring of Prana under the direction of the will is the underlying principle of thought transference and telepathy. People may surround themselves with an aura of Prana, coloured with strong positive thought, which will enable them to resist the negative thought waves of others. This can enable them to live serene in an atmosphere of antagonistic and inharmonious thought.

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