Page of Swords

18/01/2021 - Time to stand up for yourself in some regard. It is quite appropriate to put your own needs first at this time.

04/01/2021 - Time spent cutting through the useless stuff that is crowding you at this time will pay off as the year progresses. Opportunities are coming even if it is not apparent now.  

22/12/2020 - Feeling proud of yourself for standing up for yourself or your values. Realising how much you have grown through life's circumstances and now you can build on this for a better future. This could be for you and/or someone close to you depending on your particular circumstances.

12/06/2020 - Finally seeing what it is that you need in your life and what you can let go of makes moving ahead into a new cycle possible. Some decisions may be made and acted upon quite firmly. Some may not like this while others welcome it. 

05/03/2020 - Making a stand and setting limits is not always easy to do. If you know you need to do this then find a way to do it in a compassionate manner. Doing it roughly because you are uncomfortable about doing this will only make matters worse

08/02/2020 - Someone may be cutting ties with a person close to them. One of them may need your support to help them transition into a new situation. In some cases you may be one of the parties involved so in that case seek support from a trusted friend or family member.

17/09/2019 - Sometimes good people become toxic for a time. It doesn't mean you have to wipe them completely from your life. It may be that a time apart is all that is required for that person to find themself again

06/08/2019 - It is time to carry through on a tough decision that has recently been made. For some it is only now that you are realising that the tough option is the only choice now and that action will have to be taken soon.

27/03/2019 - You may have to take a hard stance with a young person in your life or it may be that a young person close to you needs to get up and do something quite strongly for themselves. For some it could be both of these.

03/03/2019 - The challenge at hand is to cut loose from all that holds you back from becoming the person you know you are.

27/12/2018 - You have had time to think about the many challenges and changes of the past year or so and now some decisions must be made on how to proceed from here. Some things simply have to be left behind and it is best to be clear about that so you can move into the new year with a clear focus on what is really important to you.

13/08/2018 - For many it will now be clear what must be stripped away, modified or removed in order for new life to flourish. Knowing what needs to be done is the first step. Actually doing it is often the hardest part. At this time you cannot rely on others to do any of it for you. It really is all up to you now.

23/05/2018 - Sometimes when you think you have done all you need to do to let go of the past something crops up to show you that there is still something that you need to let go of or simply acknowledge so you can move on. What ever comes up it is time to deal with it so you can move on without any ties to the past holding you in behaviour patterns that are no longer good for you.  

25/10/2017 - This is a time for many to be cutting the cords that bind them to people no longer having a positive impact on their lives. Remember, this can still be done with love so that past experiences can be honoured for the lessons brought and learned. You have the choice to remain tied to people and circumstances that no longer serve a useful purpose or to cut loose and prosper spiritually, emotionally, mentally and even physically.

27/06/2017 - Some fresh new ideas are coming your way. Some of them will be worth acting on.

24/05/2017 - Soon you may find yourself making a stand against or for a younger person. What you need to do or say will come to you when you need it at the time.

09/02/2017 - You will find that time, energy and motivation to take care of something extremely important to you. Don't worry, you can and will do it.

04/11/2016 - It may be that because your attention has been focussed on something very important to you that you have let some other less important things slip by the wayside. It is a good time to relook at these things and do something about them where posible. This will stop problems arising later on.

10/09/2016 - Expect holdups and delays with getting a project underway and/or as it goes along. None of this means that your project will be unsuccessful so keep at it. Use the extra time get some other equally important things done.

28/11/2015 - You may find that you will be thinking about your childhood for some reason soon. Something will come up that transports you back there. This will have significance for you depending on what comes forward. It is an opportunity that can be very positive as long as you embrace it and look for the deeper meaning.

09/10/2015 - It may be necessary to make some adjustments to your plans to accomodate the needs of a child or children. For some this will be a simple thing to do while for others it will be more complex. Compromises may be necessary so that the needs of all concerned are taken care of. This can be done.

26/05/2015 - You may need to take a fresh new approach to some situation of importance in your life. 

01/02/2015 - Issues revolving around young adults or children are coming into focus. What actually happens and how it affects you depends on your particular life situation. It does seem to involve you in sorting something out to make sure things go well and spending time that you may have preferred to spend in other ways. All in all the outcome should be better than expected.

16/01/2015 - You may have to take something back that is rightfully yours or guard against something being taken from you. Be vigilant with home and car security, watch bags and wallets when out and about and so forth. Don't let someone sweet talk you out of your money or into letting them off the hook financially.

27/10/2014 - You may need to assert yourself with a younger person. Depending on your situation this may be a family member, friend, work colleague, shop assistant or stranger, to give a few examples. You are in the right in this situation so don't back down as you may not be able to regain any lost ground.