Page of Pentacles

12/12/2020 - This is a good time to get in and complete a project or at least move it along closer to completion. Ideas may be flowing but not quite coming together. If this is the case don't be concerned as it is not quite time for you to get started. Relax about it and clarity will come.

20/08/2020 - Some projects may have to be put on hold or cancelled completely. In the long run this may prove to be a good thing. Go with the flow if you can't push forward in the way you want to with a project or with life in general.

25/05/2020 - Issues around the wellbeing of children may be of concern or interest. Those without children may be concerned with the progress of some project or situation that is very important to them. in all cases a nurturing patience will most likely bring things to a positive outcome.

06/04/2020 - Some of you will be thinking very deeply about what life has to offer you right now or in the near future. Take your time to make any decisions even if you feel you are running out of time. For some it is best to wait for further developments before any decision making takes place.

17/02/2020 – For some of you children may have an impact on a decision you make. This may lead to a period of increased activity. For others it is taking on new projects on behalf of others or creating them for yourself. Either way it leads to a period of increased activity which should lead to a good outcome.

10/12/2019 - Decisions regarding children may come to the fore.If you are unsure which is the best way forward then think about how things will affect the child rather than yourself.

10/09/2019 - Group projects or team efforts will take on more energy with new and exciting ideas flowing. Some people will become involved in a group that will lead them into new areas of expertise.

13/04/2019 - The answers to those perplexing questions or problems are there for you to find. The harder you look the more you will miss them. This is a time to put it out there and let it go. What you need will come to you in ways that may surprise you.

28/01/2019 - Issues around children are coming to the fore. This can be so many things depending on the individual. Basically it concerns decisions that need to be made either by the adults for children or about children. It can also be children having to make some decisions themselves. In some cases it is not about children but some project that has to be nurtured like a child.

04/09/2018 - Some people will be contemplating just what they have got themselves into. Do not panic as this is a valuable learning experience and will test your ability to make the most of what you have and make adjustments on the fly, so to speak.

15/06/2018 - So may ideas may be running around in your head that you don't know which ones to follow up and which ones to leave for now. Don't make hasty decisions as the ideas that will grow and bloom are making their way to the forefront of your mind. Give them time to take shape and you will have no doubt what your next focus will be.  

27/05/2018 - A project that is very important to you is about to take off in a big way. There may be some initial difficulties that can be overcome with persistence and the help of others. This is one of those things in life that you are meant to do so do what is required to make it a success.  

08/12/2017 - You may be checking a lot of things off on your "to do" list over the coming days and weeks. This will mean you have a clear run to achieve some things that are about to appear before you. Do not put things off and get things done and out of the way.

23/11/2017 - Projects that have been on the back burner for some time are now able to be revitalised and completed. New ideas can be incorporated into old plans giving new life to something close to your heart.

18/10/2017 - New projects utilising your talents in new ways are coming into focus. This will bring opportunities to enhance those skills you have and gain new ones. New people will be coming in as a result of this as well as some old associations will be revitalised in new and creative ways.

6/10/2017 - It is time to get your teeth into something new or get back into something that you have not had the opportunity or inclination to do for some time. A period of great change and fervent activity is on the horizon so it is best to get started on something before you are swept up by emerging events.

04/03/2017 - You may get the opportunity to try something new, take responsibility for something you feel passionate about or start something that you will be able to guide and nurture to completion.

02/02/2017 - It is time to nurture the creative talents of your children or the children in your care or sphere of influence. It is not a matter or forcing them in some creative direction but to discover or take notice of budding creativity and guide it in the right direction. Now for some people their plants are like their children so this is suggesting that you get creative within your garden. Some people are being caught up in a whirl of creativity and if this is you then go with it, enjoy it and grow from it.

09/12/2016 - Don't give up on those special dreams just because logic seems to be telling you that it is never going to be your reality. You don't know that yet so keep those dreams alive and expect something significant to happen very soon.

23/07/2016 - Something new and exciting involving a child or children is coming up soon. This could mean involvment with actual children or being involved in something that benefits or is aimed at children in general.

24/04/2016 - Anyone having issues or concerns with a child or children should see an improvement very soon.

17/03/2016 - Your focus may have to be on a child, children or someone behaving like a child. This may require doing things in a different way to what you have been doing. In some cases a drastic change in your approach should make a positive difference that you can build on over time. If this does not relate to you directly you may be able to help somone else in this situation. 

03/01/2016 - All sorts of issues relating to children in some way are coming into focus. Some of you will be right in the thick of it while others will be involved from a distance. For some it involves healing rifts, managing change, coming up with strategies to deal with behaviour issues and such like. Focus on a loving approach to all this.

01/12/2015 - You may find that over the coming weeks you will be doing a lot of thinking about your life and the people who are in it. Many of you will be feeling blessed and some will see the need to distance themselves from some people while coming to a new appreciation of others. Many opportunities for growth will be open to you.

14/11/2015 - Issues with children and/or pets again coming into focus. This seems to be about establishing your authority. If you let them manipulate you then things may not turn out as well as they could. It is time to be strong and in control. You are the parent/adult/human and you know what is best even if the children or pets can't see it.

08/11/2015 - Issues with children and pets will come to the fore this week. It is best to deal with things as they come up rather than leaving them to deal with later on.

24/07/2015 - Children's needs, activities and achievements come to the fore over the next few weeks. For some this will be a very demanding time for various reasons. For others the involvement will be less intense but should be interesting and could be fun.

29/04/2015 - You may find that you have some unexpected expenses involving children. It might be a good idea to think about how this could eventuate and therefore when it does they may not be unexpected but planned for.

22/03/2015 - Projects are like children in that you make the decision to embark on some project of some kind, you conceive the idea and details, you nurture it to a point where there is some outward manifestation of it and then you continue to nurture, guide and mold it into maturity where you have to eventually let it go. This card is very interesting today as it has two opposite meanings depending on whether it is a project you are involved in or your child. If it is a project then it indicates that you need to get in there and do alot of nurturing, guiding and molding. If it is your child then it is indicating that this is a time for encouraging age appropriate independence.  For some people both of these scenarios will apply.

02/12/2014 - You may be caught up in a lot of activities, planning and organising revolving around children, your own and/or other people's. For some it may simply be reconnectiing with your own childhood in some way.