Page of Cups

30/03/2021 - Offers of help or romance along with opportunities to get ahead in life in some way are here or soon will be. Decisions made now will have long lasting and far reaching affects.

26/02/2021 - Life is offering up some very important lessons. Pay attention to the little details of the events that impact on you and you will see what they have to teach you. This can be a very rich and rewarding time if you choose to live it that way.

11/10/20 - Don't get upset or insulted if someone rejects your offer or advice. Not everybody sees things the way you do. If it feels right to make the offer then that is all you need to be concerned about. Let people make their own decisions and step back, respect them and allow them to walk their path.

04/08/2020 - A sincere offer of some kind it coming to you or someone close to you. Some may be hesitant to take it while others will grab it wholeheartedly. Make sure you accept or reject for the right reasons so take some time to consider all aspects before making a final decision.

20/07/2020 - Someone may be holding out the hand of friendship. Some will embrace this wholeheartedly while others will be reluctant to accept this offer for various reasons. Do not let the hurts of the past prevent you from making a decision that you may later regret.

18/06/2020 - Sometimes what's on offer may seem like it is more trouble than it is worth. It may be wise to give it more time to develop and move past this difficult stage. You may be pleasantly surprised. 

28/10/2019 - Life may be holding out a wonderful opportunity that is not what it seems on the surface. Don't run from the things that land in your life at this time but look deeply into what they are offering and where it can lead you.

21/10/2019 - You may reach out to someone in love or friendship or someone may reach out to you. Rifts in relationships can now be mended for many while some will be able to finally move on.

11/07/2019 - Someone may be holding back from offering or suggesting something to you. This is their decision and must come naturally from them. Therefore have the courage to simply be yourself in all your interactions with others.

25/02/2019 - Offers of help or useful leads to follow up on are coming to you from various sources. Some things in this mix will prove very useful.

04/12/12 - Accept the help that is offered to you. This is not a time to let pride or uncertainty prevent you from getting what you need.

12/11/2018 - Someone is reaching out to you in friendship or love. For some it is love that grows out of friendship. This may not be apparent for some time yet but there are those who are experiencing this knowingly right now.

18/01/2018 - Someone may be giving you a peace offering of some kind. It is up to you how you take it as this really depends on the situation. For some it is wise to accept it at face value while others should be looking for a hidden agenda. Go with your intuition on this one and be true to yourself no matter what.

04/01/2018 - Life is offering you something quite important. You may be hesitant to accept this as all may not be clear at this point. Give it time and you will understand what it is all about. Things are happening and it is more about understanding it rather than doing anything. The doing will happen by itself.

19/11/2017 - Invitations and offers are coming to you. You may have to decide which to accept as there may be some time clashes. This is a time to follow your heart and not what society expects of you. Do the things that uplift you and make you happy. Duty can wait this time.

30/10/2017 - you are about to be offered something rather surprising. What you do about it is entirely up to you. Trust your instinct or intuition on this. You may surprise yourself with what you actually choose to do. Trust yourself. This is not a time you can rely on another person's opinion.

02/03/2017 - You will be offered a solution to a problem, a way out of something or a way forward.

10/11/2016 - You may receive an offer that means a lot to you at this time or it may be you who makes an offer on something. Either way the outcome should be a good one.

19/01/2016 - You may receive and offer to take on a task that has a lot of responsibility attached to it. Accept it if you really want to do it and feel confident that you are up to the task. Prestige or impressing someone is not a good enough reason to tackle this.

02/12/2015 - You may have received or be about to receive an offer that means rearranging your life in order to be able to accept it. Some of you will go for it without much thought because you are very ready to do this. Others will hesitate because they are not sure they want to get out of their comfort zone. There is no right or wrong decision here. Whatever you decide will lead you to new experiences and new life lessons to learn.

19/11/2015 - You may be about to receive an offer that you really can't refuse. It might be a bit daunting but if you follow through with it sensibly and with realistic expectations then you should end up very happy indeed.

11/04/2015 - Life may well be offering you a wonderful opportunity in the form of a problem situation. Rather than getting caught up in emotion and mental turmoil, look at what this can really mean for you if you tackle it with courage instead of anger or fear.

14/03/2015 - You may receive an offer soon that could be too good to be true. For some of you it could be the best thing that could happen to you and you should accept even if it is a bit scary. For others it really is not what it seems and you could be very disappointed if you go into something without looking into every aspect of it before going ahead. In either case if you look at it without fear, prejudice or wishful thinking you should be able to see which it is.

02/09/2014 - Someone will offer you a solution to a very pressing problem. You may still have to think very carefully about it and ask a lot of questions but it is likely that you will feel confident to go ahead.