Life Between Lives

by Aisha

From what I can see when I tune in to people who have passed over it does appear to be somewhat earth like where they are. It seems that we go to a level that looks like we would expect it to depending upon our belief system. People who don’t believe in an afterlife find themselves in a very simple but earth like setting. All souls who pass over very quickly find out that while it looks like “home” they are not restricted by the earthly laws of physics. After the initial settling in period they remember other “in between lives” and so can get on with the sort of activities that they need to be involved in as preparation for their next life and to continue to grow spiritually.

At first people appear to themselves as they did not long before passing and they see those with them as human and some of them that they knew in life they see as they knew them in life. As time goes by they find that they (including themselves)are all still human like but are really ageless and quite beautiful.

The Life Review

In our life review we see all the major events of our lives. It seems to be like looking out a window on a real life scene in action. A lot of the time we see things that we had forgotten or thought of as insignificant. We will see where we have hurt people and where we have been hurt. We will see where we helped people and were helped ourselves. We will see all the crossroads and the decisions that we made and what the consequences were. We will be disappointed in ourselves and others as well as pleased with ourselves and others. We will know from this review what we achieved and what we were unable to and why.

We will discuss various things with those who are supporting us during our review. They will help us to understand the principles involved. The action is paused while this takes place and other scenes can be flicked to so it can be seen how it all fits together.

Not everyone reacts well to their review. Some argue with what is presented to them and refuse to see that they were ever in the wrong. Others are very strong and take it all on board. This is a very good sign for that person's growth spiritually.

We use this review to formulate the plan for our next life. Then we have to make contracts with other souls so we can achieve our aims and help others to achieve theirs. I think the review takes a few weeks in our time but it can take years to formulate the plan for the next life and to make the soul contracts. During those years a soul acts as a guide for those on earth. It depends on their level of soul evolution as to what kind of guidance they can give and whether it is just relatives still alive and their descendents that they help or whether they can help at/from a higher spiritual level. 

First published 16 March 2013