Knight of Pentacles

21/04/2021 - Something needs to be done or completed before the next stage can begin. If you know what it is then get it done if you can. Otherwise it may be that a time of waiting has to be endured before things can move forward.

02/11/2020 - Slow and steady is the pace that will get you to the place you want to be. For some this is frustrating as it has been a long haul. Everyone's lessons are as different as their circumstances. Do all you can do in your circumstances and await developments.

25/03/2020 - Something has gone on long enough. Some of you may have to take action to bring something to an end while others will find that it is happening and out of their control. In all cases it is the right time for this.

03/12/2019 - This is not a time to be stubborn. The writing is on the wall for something and refusing to see it for what it is will only delay that change for the better.

20/11/2019 - If change is upon you then stop and take your bearings before trying to move on or through it. This is a time to assess situations before taking action. Impulse decisions may not get the desired results.

14/11/2019 - For some the darkness is receding. It has held on for such a long time that it may be hard to believe that things could finally be improving. Time will show you that things can indeed be different and better.

17/08/2019 - Something finally comes to an end which opens up new possibilities for your future. There is much waiting to be experienced now that this change is happening.

27/06/2019 - Messages concerning a money matter may be arriving after a delay or long drawn out procedure. For some this indicates a release from a situation that has been holding you in place. Now you will be able to plan for the future.

26/02/2019 - Something has gone on long enough. If you can do something to bring this to a conclusion then it is time to do so. If not then just take things one day at a time until things change. They will change.

05/12/2018 - Something is finally ending. For most this is a positive time of achievement and even celebration. A few may be a little sad at this ending but at the same time there is still a sense that it is right and good.

12/07/2018 - Circumstances that have been in place for quite some time now are about to change. You may already have undergone some major changes in the last few years but what is building up now will be the culmination of many years of life experiences.  

25/05/2018 - The things you need to be able to complete a life growth process are coming to you as you need them. Sometimes it may seem a bit much but in the end all is falling into place to bring about a major life change. For some this has been a long time in coming so you can look forward to some major changes for the better.  

27/04/2018 - Something you are committed to and have put a lot of time, thought and energy into is coming to a successful conclusion. It brings with it some quite radical changes which will propel you into your next major life experience.

23/01/2018 - Something is drawing to a close. For some it is a difficult and trying time that is finally concluding. For others it may be a closing that is not so welcome. Whichever it is the time is now right for this to come to an end. Something else will take its place. Whatever your situation you can work with what comes to you in a positive and constructive manner.

15/08/2017 - If you are in a difficult position take heart because it is drawing to a close. Sometimes that is the hardest part of the whole experience.  Now is not the time to give up or give in to despondency. Keep on keeping on and there will be a turn for the better.

18/05/2017 - There are some projects around the home that have been dragging on for too long now. If you can relate to this then it is time to do something constructive about it. If you have lost interest then pack it up and get rid of it if you can. Get someone to help your or pay someone to do it for you. It is important to be free to take on new and exciting things.

13/01/2017 - Opportunities to improve your daily life are coming to you. You may not want to take all these opportunities. There is nothing wrong with that. Go with what feels right for you and do not give in to pressure to take on something you are not happy to do. Look to the long term benefits rather than the short term when making your decisions.

04/07/2016 - Something that you have been in control of, managing or trying to manage or control for a long time now is drawing to a close. Some will be quite happy to see the end of this while others will want to hang on. Let go and see what your next life adventure holds for you.

20/05/2016 - If you have been waiting and hoping a long tome for something to change in its own time you may have to do something to start the ball rolling. Everything has its own time and that includes you. It may be time to stop waiting and do something. If you think there isn't anything that you can do for that particular thing then change something else in your life and watch how that initiates changes in other areas.

31/01/2016 - Something that has been going on for way too long is about to come to some kind of conslusion. Not everyone concerned will be happy with the eventual outcome but at least it will free everyone to move on to something new.

05/01/2016 - Something you have been waiting a long time for is about to come to you. For some it will appear suddenly while others will get some indication that it is likely to happen soon.

16/09/2015 - Something that has been going on for a very long time is drawing to a close. This will free you up to explore new aspects of yourself and reach your full potential in life. A period of positive growth is possible though it will not come without effort on your part.

05/01/2015 - You may receive an offer that would mean making a long term commitment of some kind. On the surface this may seem a lot easier than it will turn out to be. Before you accept it take your time to go into everything thoroughly to make sure that you can fulfil your side of it. You may need to make some changes or work out some compromises and this is best done right at the start so everyone knows exactly what is expected of them.

23/12/2014 - Something that you have been waiting a very long time to see or experience is about to happen. For some it will be something you have given up on or forgotten about. 

11/11/2014 - Something that has been dragging on for a very long time is finally coming to some kind of conclusion. For some outcomes will be far better than expected while for others it may be a bit of a mixed bag. All in all though it means that the way is clear for new things to start and there is more room for other things to grow.