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King of Wands

09/01/2021 - Building a solid foundation with someone may require some creative adaptations to everyday situations. This can be done over time as there is no need to rush things.

20/03/2020 - Embrace your creative side. Many have let this aspect go by the wayside while dealing with life's challenges. Now is the time to get back into craft, hobbies, gardening, painting or anything that is creative. Have a go and see where it leads you.

14/01/2020 - Standing firmly behind your ideas about something is important to you right now. You may need to find ways to be flexible at this time though as inflexibility may not get you the results you desire.

11/08/2019 - Meeting your new boss or becoming the boss is the focus for some. Just be yourself and all will get off to a good start. For some this indicates a chance meeting with an interesting man who will become a romantic partner or who will have a positive influence on you.

13/11/2018 - You may have to take action in a creative manner in order to sort something out to your satisfaction. Opposition to something that you want to do or have may actually be guiding you in a better direction. Instead of persisting in this take the time to analyse every aspect in order to see the better way forward. 

28/08/2018 - For those who are hoping for a romantic partnership it is time to make sure that you are aiming for what will actually suit the person you have become. Be open for what the universe has in store for you.  In existing relationships the balance of control may be tipping one way or the other. Even balance of control will bring harmony so this may be time to look deep and ensure you are not taking anything or anyone for granted. If things are starting to go the wrong way then communicate honestly on any issues. 

09/01/2017 - Stand firm in some situation or stand by a tough decision you have made. Don't doubt yourself in this no matter what some people throw at you.

20/06/2016 - If you happen to find yourself in a battle of wills with a male sometime soon then this card is suggesting that you take a well thought out approach rather than trying to force your will in whatever is in contention.

31/10/2015 - You may be pleasantly surprised by all the help you get on some task you have set yourself. This means it may all come together a lot quicker than you thought it would.

21/05/2015 - You may have to play by someone else's rules for awhile. If the outcome is very important to you then the life lesson may be to adjust to this person's requirements. This may be a family, work or relationship issue. If you feel this is unfair then you have the choice to remove yourself from the situation. However take time to consider the ramifications of your actions if you do. 

06/01/2015 - It is all very good if you can solve your own problems without any help but sometimes talking it out with another person can assist you to do just that. While you are talking to a good listener the obvious thing to do just pops out in the conversation. So don't be afraid to seek out someone you can trust and who will let you talk without insisting that you do what they say. Some of you will actually be the listeners so please allow the person to talk freely without judging them. You are entitled to your opinion but sometimes the other person doesn't need to hear it.

21/11/2014 - Don't be afraid to ask for what you want or to speak up about the things that are not right in some situation. Sitting back with your mouth shut is not going to solve anything. Just remember to be firm and polite regardless of what you think or feel about those you need to interact with.