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King of Swords

05/04/2021 - Don't let someone pull the wool over your eyes with their supposed superior knowledge about something that impacts on you. Do your own research before you make up your mind what you are going to do.

27/12/2020 - Where there has been an injustice something is being decided in your favour. This may be an obvious thing that is going on in your life or it can be a karmic thing you are unaware of until things start to change for the better.

25/06/2020 - Things are starting to work in your favour in some matter of great importance to you. Not everyone will be pleased about this but you have earned this by being fair and generous.

04/04/2020 - Get your facts straight before you advise someone or take on the advice given to you. Things may not be as simple and straight forward as you think they are.

18/02/2020 – Sometimes people become hard in their words or actions when they are pushed into a corner or feel they are losing control. It is also necessary to be cruel to be kind sometimes. It seems that for some people there are very strong or severe decisions to be made and acted upon.

08/01/2020 - If you are dealing with legal matters it is best to seek advice from an expert who can steer you down the best path to a successful outcome. Others may be dealing with a matter of ethics or morals which means there are no experts to consult. In this case be certain of your own ethical or moral standards and be true to yourself.

09/08/2019 - Legal matters will be settled fairly. Some will be considering careers in the military or justice system. Make sure you are truly committed to the values represented by any organization you intend to join. Someone will come to your defence when you need it most.

12/02/2019 - You may have to be firm with someone to keep the peace in some way. There may also be some legal aspects that you have to get more information before you can move forward with something.

17/01/2019 - Now is a good time to get any formal  or legal documentation sorted out. If you can't finalise it at the moment at least make a start on it so that any necessary processes can get underway.

23/06/2017 - Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Many people are going to be involved in something that requires filling out forms, going through documentation, checking up on rules and regulations, following legal or Union advice or anything that involves more paperwork than is normally the case.

23/04/2017 - Issues involving a man in your life may bring people together to sort some things out. This may be in person, electronically or both. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding going on around this man or concerning him.

24/12/2016 - Those with legal matters in process should have a resolution soon. Then the stress will ease and you can get moving on all those things you have on hold. In the meantime focus on those things that make you happy and allow yourself to dream good dreams. That last sentence applies to everyone regardless of whether legal matters apply or not.

16/09/2016 - Legal matters will be settled fairly and as they should be which is most likely in your favour. For those that this does not relate to then expect something in your life to be settled in a satisfactory manner for yourself or someone close to you.

25/08/2015 - If you have legal matters pending then they should be settled soon and you can put it all behind you.Some will need to seek leagal advice or urge a close friend or relative to do so. For others it is a matter that requires you to "lay down the law" to someone in order to get things settled.

02/06/2015 - Legal matters may come into focus soon. There is no need to worry as Justice will be done and all parties will be treated fairly. For many of you it will be simple matters dealt with easily.

07/12/2014 - You may need to make a stand against someone who is behaving badly. If necessary you could have someone with you to back you up if it is in person. In some cases legal action may be the only solution. If you are unsure of what to do seek advice from an appropriate person to the situation. This is not a time to let material considerations hold you back from doing what you know is the right thing to do.