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King of Cups

04/03/2021 - If you are in a situation that requires you to be confronting with someone then take a kindly approach to how you do this. Kindness applied to a difficult situation will bring about a better outcome for all concerned.

06/11/2020 - Kindness and generosity will get results in some situation. It's not all about winning at all costs. Give a little today and tomorrow you will be the receiver.

19/07/2020 - A focus on the giving and receiving of love is apparent for many. This not only relates to romantic relationships but to friendships and family relationships as well. This is a time for appreciating what you do have and incorporating new and interesting relationships into your life.

28/06/2020 - Do not rely on the kindness of others. You be the kind one at this time by making allowances for the circumstances that others find themselves in.

03/05/2020 - Be true to your nature and who you truly are at your core. If circumstances are pushing you into confusing situations then take the time in some way to be quiet and go within to connect with who you are and what you want in life. A way forward will appear. 

23/03/2020 - Many will experience kindness from someone. This may be a stranger or someone you know well. Seeing the softer side of someone's nature will help some of you to make an important decision. Don't be afraid to show someone you love your vulnerable side.

11/03/2020 -You may find your thoughts preoccupied with a male who is or has been a prominent figure in your life.This may bring up memories that stir up emotions. Whatever these emotions are, they are coming up at this time for a reason. Look for the deeper meaning. If you are the male in this scenario for someone then it is time to engage with this process as it will take you on to a new level of experience.

11/02/2020 - You have much to give and will soon have the opportunity to show this to someone you care a lot about. Giving is a two way street. You may not want or expect anything in return but a show of appreciation should be given to you. If you are the one receiving then find an appropriate way to show your appreciation. It can mean far more than you realise.

03/02/2020 - You are bringing out the best in someone by simply being the best you can be. Some are recognising things in a person that they had not noticed or appreciated before. Perceptions are changing and with that comes a change in attitude and behaviour.

05/09/2019 - You may have some concern for a man who is close to you in some way. This is a time where you cannot force your ideas or opinions in the matter no matter how right you feel you are. Trust that this person knows himself well enough to make the right decisions at this time. For some people this is referring to a woman.

01/04/2019 - Kindness given and kindness received is the energy that you will be surrounded by in the coming days. For some their faith in human nature will be restored.

22/08/2018 - Do not judge a person by their appearance. Someone is presenting to you in a way that is misleading. It may be this person who is intent on misleading you or you are misleading yourself by jumping to conclusions or making assumptions based on surface information only. 

18/05/2018 - Your thoughts are or will soon be filled with a very nice man or a man who has made (is making) a big impact on your life. This may bring up a lot of emotions so just go with it.  

07/03/2018 - You may find yourself thinking about a very nice and caring man. For those looking for romance this man may well be the one you have been waiting for. For others it could be something pleasant concerning a man who is close to you in some way.

13/12/2017 - A caring man of principle features in a new stage of your life. Who this is has as many variations as the people who read this. Just know that you can always count on him to be there when you really need him.

20/05/2017 - You may find that your thoughts keep turning to a nice, loving and supportive man. What you are thinking about in relation to this man is very individual and so is where it will take you.

16/04/2017 - For some a very nice, strong and supportive man is about to enter your life. Appearances can be deceptive and it may take a little time to realise the depths of his character. Others may find that the support they need comes from an unexpected source.

31/12/2016 - Just when you need the support of friends and family they will be there for you in ways that could be quite unexpected. You will find out that you are loved and valued more than you realised. 2017 will show that it is the little things that are important and that wealth should be measured in love, not money and posessions.

04/03/2016 - It is very likely that you will be celebrating something important with a close male friend or relative. This may be some achievement of his or of yours. It can be anything from an intimate celebration for two right up to a huge party, depending on the reason for the celebration and your relationship with him.

30/01/2016 - You may need to ask someone to help you with something important. They may or may not give you that help. It will depend on the circumstances. However, if you don't ask you definitely will not get the help so you have nothing to lose by asking. 

24/05/2015 - A man that you love, admire and respect is coming into focus. This man may be a stranger who you meet for the first time and so those feelings will grow over time. He may already be in your life as a relative or friend and in some cases is a public figure whose philosophy impresses you. There may be some mixed emotions stirred up in all this but it should be a mostly positive time.

14/05/2015 - A kind and considerate man of strong character is coming into prominence in your life. Depending on your life circumstances this can be a romantic interest, Father figure, workmate, boss, Uncle, Nephew, Brother, friend etc.

12/02/2015 - Be generous to your friends and family. Not with material things like money but with your time, attention and tolerance. There is a lot going on in people's lives at the moment and it is not all out in the open for all to see and understand. Perhaps you need this from those close to you as well. If you do it is worthwhile to act towards others as you need them to act towards you.

30/01/2015 - You may need to be less critical of someone you know. There are things going on that you do not know about and this would change your attitude to that person if you found out. You probably won't find out so in order to make the most of a situation be more tolerant of this person. It won't hurt you and it will help them to move forward. In some cases the person you need to be less critical of is yourself.

29/05/2014 - Expect help to come from an unexpected source or you may be the one who is unexpectedly in a position to give help. Over the next few weeks you may experience both sides of giving and taking. There may also be some realisations about using people and being used by people. This could well be a very enlightening period.