Keys for Success

by Aisha

To be successful you have to become one with the Flow of Your Life.  This may seem like I am saying that all is preordained and that you have no control over events.  That is very far from the truth, in fact.  We all have a general flow to our lives that we have loosely mapped out before birth. This is what I call the Flow of Your Life. During life this flow is influenced by our Free Will decisions and actions.

We have to accept that not all things are allowable to us in each life. During many lives we can experience all, nothing is denied us when we add all of our single lives into one. However, we are living one life at a time and so to be successful in this life we need to attune to the flow of that life. We need to be very clear about what we want to achieve.  We need to listen to the guidance that comes from within.  This guidance will show us if what we want is achievable.  If what we want is not achievable this guidance shows us what is.

If we are clear about what we want and it is achievable because it is compatible with the flow of this present life then opportunities will come.  These opportunities, if taken, will lead us to the next stage of our achievement.  Sometimes it is not opportunities but things that happen that show us that we are on the right track but that we need to be patient.

Patience is one of the major keys to success in each life.  If we are impatient we tend to get ahead of the flow of life and by doing so we actually obstruct the flow.  When the flow is obstructed we do not attain what we hope to.  We are blocked from success and usually can’t understand why it didn’t work out when all the signs of eventual success were there.

If you try to force something to happen before its time, it only results in failure and disappointment.  Of course this failure and disappointment are useful learning experiences that help us to grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Nothing is ever wasted.

Along with patience we often have to make sacrifices to achieve our success. If we have made those sacrifices in a previous life then success may come more easily in this life.  I am actually trying to simplify a process that can be rather complex when viewed across many lives and so will not go into all the possible variations of this process.

Lastly we have plain old hard work. What do you call hard work?  It could be physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual.  It could be a combination of these. It could be what this whole process involves. Does it all sound like hard work to you?

The Key Steps

  • Be clear about what you want to achieve.
  • Agree to become attuned or “at-one” with the “Flow of Your Life”.
  • Listen to and act on the guidance from within.
    • Do not continue to work towards something that has become obviously not attainable in this life. 
    • This wastes time and energy that can be used to attain what is achievable.
  • Be patient. 
    • “All good things come to those who wait” is a very old and wise saying.
  • Make the necessary sacrifices.
    • If you think the sacrifice is too much then it is your free will decision not to make it.
    • Then you will have to re-evaluate this whole process and whether you can actually achieve your aims.
  • Hard work is often required.
    • The whole process may seem like hard work and it often requires hard work. This could be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or a combination of these.


First published 16 March 2013