by A Member of the Council of Love and Light

Some say karma is cause and effect and to a certain extent that is so. The things that you do, say and even think affect your tomorrow, whether that is in this life or a future one. There is another aspect of karma to consider and that is the learning aspect. Many people consider what they call “bad karma” to be punishment for wrongdoing but it is not punishment. It is the opportunity to learn by experience. Much that you do that causes this so called “bad karma” is done through ignorance of Cosmic Law. When you experience the effects of your past actions you have the opportunity to learn how to act in accordance with Cosmic Law.

The only way to cleanse or purify karma is to experience it in a knowing manner. It is the knowing manner that is the key. People continue to experience the affects of past “misdeeds” over and over again because they fail to recognise that there is something to learn in the experiences they are having.

If you want to process your karma as quickly as possible then ask with a sincere heart to be given the knowing of the whys and wherefores of all past, present and future experiences. This may seem too simple a thing to do but in reality it is the simplest things that are the most potent.

Once you have asked this with a sincere heart be aware that the lessons will come thick and fast. You will need all your wits about you to discern the lessons within each experience but it is in this discernment plus the ability to forgive yourself and others that will allow the lessons to pass swiftly, leaving you with hard won experience and wisdom.

In asking for this you will gain much more than the faster processing of karma for you are asking to be given the opportunity to understand your entire existence.

First published in 1999 by the Golden Eagles