07/04/2021 - The chance to reinvent yourself is coming. This may well be the time to take some chances and make some big changes to the way you live your life and present yourself to the world.  

24/02/2021 - Some are being called to a new life. Don't rush in too quickly but allow things to develop in their own time. Others may need to resist the urge to run in the opposite direction. What is calling you has the potential for success and contentment.

01/12/2020 - Things are opening up and opportunities are coming. This is more than what we see now that the borders are reopening and the new normal is getting better here in Australia. That is part of it but this energy brings creativity as well as mental and emotional healing and is relevant even in those places where harsh restrictions are still in place.

18/09/2020 - There is relief of some kind, now or coming very soon. Do not judge the means of this relief. This is not a time to let pride or preconceived ideas get in the way of positives outcomes.

03/07/2020 - This is a time where all your efforts towards something start to pay off. Many will feel renewed in some way and be looking forward with confidence. 

11/10/2019 - Renewal of some kind is in play. This can be a wonderful and exciting time or one that brings up all the fears and things buried that now must come to light so that they can be dealt with once and for all.

25/06/2019 - A renewal of some kind is at hand. This can be a total new beginning or a positive renewal in an existing situation. 

06/04/2019 - Those of you who have been going through some kind of ordeal, whether that be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual will find some kind of resolution or renewal occurring. This may be an actual event or it can be something experienced within oneself.

22/03/2019 - Events happening now and strategies put into place now and in the near future will bring about the results that you hope for. Do not doubt and to not hesitate to set these things into motion.

09/02/2019 - The things that you act on and put in place now in your life or on behalf of others will flow on to have many beneficial outcomes.

09/12/2018 - Renewal of some kind is at hand. This may be in relationships, career or it can be a spiritual renewal. Things fall into place and awareness is heightened. Realisations, of how things truly are may be or how they can be, suddenly occur.

30/10/2018 - A complex situation is going to become clear and the players will all find themselves in the positions they deserve to be.

14/10/2018 - You may feel that you have a lot to live up to in some area of life. Take heart because many people think very highly of you and see that you can deliver on what you have said you would do. You are your harshest critic so relax and enjoy what you are involved in.

27/08/2018 - Renewal of some kind is at hand in your life or the life of someone very close to you. For some this is going to be like a glorious awakening from a troubled dream. Those who seem to be cast from the frying pan into the fire will find that it is not as bad as it at first seems and that a way forward will be offered unexpectedly.

24/08/2018 - You may find yourself in situations where you are required to use your judgement and act on it. It may be a bit confusing for some and not trusting your own judgement may cause you to stand still instead of moving forward. This is a time where you have to trust yourself to make the right choices.  

08/08/2018 - A situation that you now have greater clarity in can move on to another level. This will put you in new territory in some way so you will need to be open minded and non-judgmental so that things can unfold in the best way possible.

02/08/2018 - You will find that you have correctly judged a situation to be a certain way. This may not change anything except how you view something now you have your proof. This should enable you to move on in a positive direction now.

08/05/2018 - So many new things happening, so many opportunities for growth and development are presenting themselves. You may have to be selective about what you take on and what you let go by for now. Trust that you will choose the best way forward.  

07/09/2017 - You may find that events unfolding now in your life are leading you to think about doing some things you have not done before or doing things in a different way to what you have always done. It's time to bring something new into your life.

21/03/2017 - Try to be tolerant of yourself and others at this time. Many are undergoing changes in their lives both inwardly and/or outwardly. This can be a very difficult time for all concerned. The important thing to keep sight of is that this is leading to new life, new beginnings and renewal in existing situations and relationships. No birth/rebirth is easy.

18/11/2016 - Some people are going through a process of "rebirth" which has taken them into places mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually which have been and still are quite challenging. Many will be emerging into the sunshine of a bright new beginning over the next few weeks.

17/09/2016 - Many people who have been going through a struggle for quite some time are about to come out the other end of it. It might feel a bit strange not to be in constant struggle so give yourself time to get used to your new state of being.

15/07/2016 - Something is being decided in your favour. It will be intersting to see how this favourable decision affects you personally and those close to you. Whatever it turns out to be it is something that you will be very pleased with.

28/04/2016 - This is a time where the results of past actions are coming into present reality. It can be a time of great excitement and achievement as well as realisations of what the actions of the past really mean in the present time.

12/03/2016 - Some of you may feel that you are being judged harshly by someone. As long as you are being true to yourself and what you sincerely believe to be right then try to ignore this and get on whth the things that make you happy.

06/03/2016 - Many of you will be feeling like you have a new lease on life or another chance at life. Take advantage of those circumstances that are presenting  at the moment so that you can build a better future.

30/10/2015 - Sometimes at the beginning of a new phase in our lives we find that some unresolved issues from the past unexpectedly intrude. If this is happening now then there is no need to be concerned. This is just life giving you the opportunity to tie up any loose ends from your old life so you are free to embrace all that the new has to offer you.

06/10/2015 - It may take a bit longer than you thought it would but you can have that new life you know you deserve.

13/02/2015 - Something good can come out of your current situation. Don't stop yourself dreaming about what you would like life to be like. As a part of this process you could stop dreaming every now and then and evaluate the practicality of your dreams. The only way to make them a reality is to consistently align them with what is possible on this planet. Start off letting yourself go for it dreamwise and then be truthful about the ability of those dreams to come true. Being truthful has nothing to do with self doubt or negativity. Allow yourself to be positive.

22/08/2014 - You are ready to receive the rewards of your efforts. For some the benefits will come all at once while for others they will come in stages. Which ever it is for you it will be the best fit for your life circumstances.