Introduction to Part 2 of the 49 Gates of Understanding

The Hidden Paths of the Tree of Life

Now that you are at the end of the 32 paths we hope that you will continue to live and master them in the future, for it is important to keep the mastery truly alive. For your mastery must be seen to be alive and well, to give an example to others who will follow.

Now I must tell you that there are still more paths, in fact 17 in all. These paths are called the hidden/invisible paths. There are 16 flowing on the Tree of Life and one hidden/invisible Orb suspended within the Tree of Life. Why are they hidden/invisible? For that we must go back to the beginning. In the beginning was the word and the word was God and God was Light. Now God had a plan so God became the Creator.

If you build a house you have a plan and you build from that plan your dream home. When you complete that home it is no longer just a plan on paper and you put that plan aside. It is no longer visible, but all can see that plan just by looking at your dream home.

So in the beginning was God and God became Light and God had a plan written within that Light. The plan became manifest into a universe of light and stars and worlds. As you look up into the night skies, you can see those lights of the Creator as individual lights seemingly without purpose. You may see it as complex. I am here to tell you that all things made by God are simple and with purpose, nothing is left to chance.

What is holding that universe together, working as one, is the plan, which became invisible. It is there, holding each and every star within its own orbit. So too it is within you. You are part of God's plan. That plan is within you. You became one cell; you multiplied, each cell becoming more cells until you became a universe within your own body. This also was how the entire universe was made, originally from one cell.

You still have that original plan within, unseen by most people, yet there are those discerning enough to see. That plan is one and the same I6 paths that were the structural plan placed within the structural plan of the building of the universe. Hidden until you had grown enough to master your life plan of the 32 paths.

The difference between the two sets of paths is that the 32 are for all as is, whilst the 16 invisibles are, though named the same for all, each have a subtle difference, making each one unique in your own right. Thus making you all the same yet different, for these 16 paths will be you, as you have built and earned the paths, so will you become.

It is how you discern and interpret these paths that will give you the degree of divinity that will be you in your onward journey into the future, into the higher realms of other dimensions. You have seen on The Tree of Life that each path has its own colour.

These colours are as near as can be interpreted by your 3rd dimensional colours, but are far more beautiful as seen in the colours of the 4th and 5th dimensions.

As yet the hidden/invisibles have no light and colour, for each will carry your own light and colour and the colour of them will be the signature of who you are for all to see from this day on. When you activate your hidden paths they will start to pulsate and from then on will never cease, for you will truly start to live spiritually and as you fill your hidden paths with your colours, it will affect the colours of your Tree of Life, pulsating them into receiving your hidden colours.

You have always seen your Tree as a one-dimension thing. Let me tell you it in fact has many dimensions to it. Like your worldly trees it has the glory of your fruits known as the first 10 paths, the other 22 paths are as branches carrying the life force to and from those 10 paths. It is three dimensional, not a rigid Tree, whilst the ten are in the same place they are scattered around the Tree. It is indeed the Tree from which Eve picked the apple of knowledge.

When your hidden paths are filled with colour your tree will be so affected that it too will be as individual as you and you will then be ready to journey on to the glory of the other realms that are awaiting your coming. Till then we bless you all.