Introduction to Part 1 of the 49 Gates of Understanding

 The teaching in this book is based on the ancient symbol of the Tree of Life.  This Tree consists of 10 visible orbs, 1 invisible orb, 22 visible connecting paths and 16 invisible connecting paths.  For the purpose of this teaching we refer to these collectively as the 49 Paths of Wisdom of the Tree of Life or the 49 Gates of Understanding.  Each path has a number, and spiritual attribute assigned to it.  The number of each path does not always correspond to its Gate number.  33 of them have a traditional name.  32 of them are intelligences. 

These intelligences form the basis of the universe. When we think of intelligence we usually think of things like mental ability, comprehension, understanding, analysis, creativity, knowledge and the like.  The old saying, "as above, so below" holds true and the intelligent processes of humanity mirror the intelligent processes of God, the Creator.

These intelligences don't act alone. Sometimes they work singly but in the method of creation that we have they usually work together in combination, from the spiritual level right down to the physical level. You will see these intelligences working together as you progress with this study. Try to see these intelligences at work in your daily lives, not just at the spiritual level but anywhere. It will be surprising where you will see them at work and how it will help you to understand the things that are going on around you.

The spiritual attributes are directly connected to these intelligences and it is usually easier to see them at work in your daily lives.  Where you see an attribute at work so also is the intelligence.  The focus of this teaching is upon developing these spiritual attributes so that you will automatically be activating the corresponding intelligence.

The number assigned to each path is simply its place upon the Tree of Life and the name is that which is traditionally assigned to each path.  These names are useful in drawing out further information linked to the paths.

The spiritual attributes are more easily remembered and understood than the intelligences and other traditional references to the Tree of Life. 

You will gain the most from this teaching when you focus on understanding, recognising and developing these spiritual attributes. 

You will need to purchase a book suitable for keeping a journal so that you can record examples of the Spiritual Attributes at work in your life and the world you live in.  You can record your successes and your seeming failures.  This will help you to keep the focus and to see the very real progress that you will make when you sincerely devote yourself to this way of life.

The traditional references associated with each path are given to help you to gain further insight into each spiritual attribute.  If this is more of a hindrance than a help to you then put it aside and simply focus on the spiritual attributes.  They are the key to Self-mastery.