Grounding Chakra

The Grounding Chakra is in your subtle body between your feet. It is not a Chakra that needs awakening. It is fully awake and its correspondence in the Crown is also fully awake and functioning.

However, in some people its functioning has become too strong or too weak. When it is too strong a person will find it very hard to meditate or focus on spiritual things. When it is too weak a person tends to go too deep in meditation and finds it hard to come back to physical reality.

A very useful crystal to bring this Chakra back to a normal functioning is the Keystone for Initiation, Labradorite.

Initiation can be a life changing major event or series of events in a person's life. These events can have a profound effect on this Chakra between the feet. The same type of event could weaken one person's Grounding Chakra and strengthen another's. For someone else it could have no effect at all.

Initiation also means starting something new. This grounding Chakra influences your motivation for positive change. When it is too strong you are a "stick in the mud" and don't want to move forward. When it is too weak you tend to want to escape, no matter the cost or consequences.

Exercise 1

If you feel that you need to strengthen your "grounding" during meditation:

  1. Prior to the meditation take a piece of Labradorite and hold it in your hands while affirming three times - My feet are frimly on the ground while I soar to the greatest spiritual heights. I am in control at all times.
  2. Ask your Guides and Guardian Angles to surround you with their loving protection.
  3. Place the piece of Labradorite between you feet while you meditate.

Exercise 2

To restore or maintain your Grounding Chakra in a balanced state:

  1. Simply hold a piece of Labradorite in your hand while affirming three times - balance, harmony, right flow.
  2. Then place the Labradorite inbetween your feet. There is no need to focus on it. In fact it is better to focus on something else and let the energy from the Labradorite do its work unhindered by your mental energy.

Do this whenever you feel the need to.

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