The God Self and the Interconnectedness

by Aisha

The ultimate aim for the human being is Self-Mastery – the mastery of the lower self by the higher self. You can look upon your lower self as your personality, that which is different in every life that you have. Every time you reincarnate you create a new personality for that life. It really does have a life of its own and it takes full advantage of free will and quite often gets itself in a lot of trouble.

Very early on in a person’s career as an individual human being the personality was in total control. There was virtually no soul contact at all and yet there was a yearning for something other, something greater. Thus people looked outwards to their environment and saw gods everywhere in nature. Right from the beginning the group soul of humanity called out to people and that call was sensed and translated as a need for something greater than the personal self. 

That has evolved over time to where gradually men and women began to sense their own divinity, their own soul within and yet at the same time they were always looking for God outside of themselves. At least they had reached a stage where they had contact with their own soul even if only slightly, and that soul urged them on to look for that understanding of that god they thought was separate from them.

So much of the spiritual teaching down the ages has been about the soul and the relationship of the personality to the soul – the lower self to the higher self. It was important that this emphasis be there for until a person has their own personality completely under the dominance of their soul they cannot hope to reach that state where they no longer need to reincarnate into the dense physical world. 

There is something even higher than the soul – there is the God Self. In some teachings it is known as the Monad. Some of you may be familiar with this term. It does not matter if you have not heard it before. 

People often find it hard to grasp that they have something that is more divine than their soul. For centuries the soul has been seen as the most divine aspect of man. However it is merely an intermediary between your highest spiritual aspect, your God Self or Monad and your lower aspect, your personality. As part of the process of Self-Mastery the soul and the personality become one. In the life when the soul fully dominates the personality, the personality does not die or disappear or dissolve. It blends and fuses with the soul so that soul and personality are one. Then the God Self can really begin to make its presence felt in the physical plane existence of the person because there is a clear channel to the personality from the God Self through the soul. 

It is at the level of the God Self which we can refer to as the Monadic Plane for ease of reference, that there is true interconnectedness. This is the level that we are ascending to while still living in a physical body. It is not a condition that a person maintains constantly, consciously as they go about daily life. It a something that is reached during times of meditation and quiet contemplation. At first much effort is required just to get a fleeting sense of this connection to the interconnectedness. Eventually it can be sensed at any time at will.

This cannot be forced. As you go about your daily life sincerely thinking, feeling , speaking and acting as the best person you can be, seeking to know yourself at every level, learning life’s lessons and helping others to do the same you will eventually attain Self-Mastery and experience interconnectedness as you will.

The Spiritual Teachers within the Interconnectedness see soul lights of varying degrees. It is a person’s soul light that determines who comes to guide them. When a person’s light reaches a particular intensity those you have come to call The Masters approach them personally. The Masters choose a personality of their own to work through with individuals as in the early stages a person needs a personality to relate too. This explains why many people come under the tutelage of a Master who may appear to each one to be a quite different person. 

Prior to this stage a person’s guides come to them from various levels of the “between physical lives” state depending on their life situation and life lessons to be learned.

The fusing of the personality and the soul is such a gradual process that you probably won’t be aware of it. You will simply be expressing it. Do not be concerned about whether or not you can sense it. Focus instead upon service to humanity.

Even when someone has that soul/personality fusion they will still have times of anger, frustration, sadness etc. This is because they are expressing through a personality on the physical plane. However they usually become aware of it quickly and endeavour to do something about it.  People tend to think that attaining Self-Mastery means that they have reached perfection, but what is perfection?

Perfection is relative to where you are. Reaching perfection as a personality or as a fused soul and personality in life on the physical plane is not the same as perfection from the level of interconnectedness. What you are aiming for is to perfect life on the physical plane and you will not know that you have achieved this until you pass over from the last life you ever have to live in the dense physical. Then you pass into the next level of existence and the next level of experience and growth in interconnectedness.

First published 20 March 2013