Gate 9 - Unconditional Love

Path 1 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Admirable or Hidden

Name - Crown

Crystal - Rose Quartz

Dictionary Meaning:- Unconditional - Absolute, not subject to conditions. ~ Love - Fondness, warm affection.

We have now come to the most important path on the Tree of Life. The first path is called the Crown. The Crown intelligence is the Admirable or the Hidden Intelligence and the spiritual attribute is Unconditional Love.

This is the most important attribute and it is the very hardest to attain. The Crown is the highest point, the first part of creation and where we can aspire to meet God where all is pure and clear and brilliant. It is hard to explain the unexplainable. When you concede that God is love, this is truth indeed, for God is pure Unconditional Love as well as all the other spiritual attributes. The crowning point is Unconditional Love.

I mentioned that the intelligence is Admirable or Hidden. These two words when looked at don't have anything in common, so how can we have an intelligence that we can say is an Admirable Intelligence or it is a Hidden Intelligence? Also how can we admire something that is hidden?

Well think about it; think about the face of God. Have you ever seen it? Yet you know that you would admire it for you do admire it in everything you see. Everything in the physical world and everything in all the other worlds is the face of God.

The only face you will ever get to see and isn't it truly Admirable? Everything in the entire universe has God hidden within it. For God is truly all around us and within us. Each time we breathe in, we breathe in God. Each time we breathe out, we breathe out God. There is nothing in creation that is not of God.

Even the dark brotherhood is of God; though they do not know it, do not acknowledge it. That is why they are in darkness. They have forgotten but always at the end they will come to see and they will acknowledge their Godness and they will return to the source along with everyone else. Maybe not at the same time as those they came with, but they will return. They have their place and therefore we must love them unconditionally and that is why Unconditional Love is so hard to attain.

It is very easy to love someone or something that you like or that you approve of. When you do not approve or you think something or someone is very wrong or evil, you just find it very hard to love, but that is what you must do no matter what is done to you. You must always unconditionally love that person. You don't have to like a person that you love unconditionally.

Love is a totally different thing. You do not have to approve of them. You don't have to do anything. Dispassion is not Unconditional Love but at least if you can turn dislike or hate into Dispassion then from the step of Dispassion you can work your way to Unconditional Love.

As I said before, the Unconditional Love is the Crown Point of creation. You use the other attributes to help you to attain it and anyone who can truly love unconditionally has all the other attributes. They may not all be functioning perfectly but each and every one would be there, active to some extent. They would have to be functioning even if only slightly for a person to be able to feel Unconditional Love at any time.

You may be able to feel it just once, but when you know you do, you know that you have attained to something important, for to feel it just once is a great achievement and when you have felt it once you will gradually be able to get to the stage where you can feel Unconditional Love for everyone and everything in the entire universe.

You do not have to know them, you do not have to like them, and you do not have to approve of them. No matter how ugly, you will still love them for there are no conditions on this love.

It is very important that everyone tries very hard to be able to love unconditionally. At some stage if you earnestly try to activate these spiritual attributes within yourself you will make a transition without even knowing it. Something will bring to your attention the fact that your loving is unconditional, that you have no other way to love.


  • Observe strangers when you get a chance.  Push aside all thoughts based on appearances and try to see the humanity in them.  It is the same humanity that is in you.  Allow your heart to reach out to the humanity in these strangers.
  • Do the same thing with people you know.