Gate 8 - Integrity

Path 6 of the Tree of life

Intelligence - Mediating Influence

Name - Beauty

Crystal - Red Tiger Eye

Dictionary Meaning: - Integrity - Soundness of moral principle and character, uprightness, honesty, sound, unimpaired or perfect condition.

We will now consider path six. The spiritual attribute of path six is Integrity, the intelligence is the Intelligence of the Mediating Influence and the name of the path is Beauty.

This is a very special path. It is traditionally, amongst other things, the seat of Self and the Christ Consciousness. Some of you may automatically think of Integrity to do with honesty, ethics, morality and things like that, and yes, that is a part of it.

The other part is integration, the bringing together, the wholeness. Here we have the combination, the wholeness of your being, of yourself, as well as all of the attributes that you have considered so far, plus all that you are to do even though on the Tree of Life they may not all pass into or out of this central place. Upon the Tree it is in this central place that you mix and blend all of these spiritual attributes and they become your Integrity.

What do you want your Integrity to be? What do you want it to be made up of? I would hope that it is all those spiritual attributes you have considered as well as those that are to come. I know that you don't yet know what spiritual attributes are to come but you may judge them by what have gone before and I am sure you will find those gone before, not lacking.

They are all worthy of being a part of anyone's being and they all, the whole lot of them together, form the Christ Consciousness which, whether you know it or not, is what you attain to. You don't have to know what that is, all you have to know is that it is made up of these very spiritual, highly vibrational attributes that the English language is so poor at correctly naming and describing.

This is the beauty of yourself, your Soul Self, your mediating influence which is the mediator of what is above and what is below. Your Higher Self is the mediating influence between God and your personality. Your beautiful soul is made up of all these wonderful attributes. Your soul has each and every one of these attributes there in potential. I say potential as related to this physical world, for in the world of the soul they are active but in this world where personality reigns they are not all active, and this is the work you are trying to do. You are trying to make these whole spiritual attributes, personality attributes, which transform the personality entirely.

Perhaps you have come across the term transmutation as the old alchemists termed it, transformation as some of the new age people speak of it. This is what you are doing on the Path of Light, transmuting, changing the dross base metal of the personality into the pure gold of the Christ Consciousness. That symbology of the ancient days holds true today.

It truly is beautiful to be seated here in the centre of the universe in the Christ Consciousness, a wonderful experience which is yours to have if you but put the effort into making these spiritual attributes a part of your Integrity of being.


  • What does the term “Christ Consciousness” mean to you?  
  • I suggest that you meditate on this as it can bring you the most beautiful revelations on Self.