Gate 6 - Serenity

Path 7 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Occult

Name - Victory

Crystal - Amethyst

Dictionary Meaning:- Serenity - Calm, peaceful, tranquil. Being discreet, seclusion.

Now we will look at path seven. The spiritual attribute of path seven is Serenity, the name of the path is Victory and the intelligence is the Occult Intelligence. 

Inner peace, peace of mind, quiet happiness, quietness, stillness and contentment are just some attempts at describing the sublime state of Serenity.

Just how do we attain this state of Serenity? Perhaps if we look at some of its opposites we will get some clues to help us here. 

Frustration, anger, impatience and mental turmoil are some states that obviously prevent us from feeling serene. These are all quite “passionate“ states. Therefore Dispassion can be of use to us here. 

Dispassion can help us to quieten our emotions and our minds.

It is good to be passionate and excited about some things and so the idea is to be able to dwell in Serenity when the need arises while still able to freely express the active emotions and states when appropriate. This means that you are aiming to be able to dwell in a state of Serenity at will rather than to dwell there continuously.

Because Serenity sits with the Occult Intelligence it also has an aspect of being able to keep some things hidden until the proper time to divulge them. Basically you hear of the occult and the practices of the occult, which have a bad name in some circles these days. 

However, that is based on a misconception. The word, Occult means hidden or secret and what are called occult practices are really the secret or hidden practices of years ago when the church made these things illegal. What were called the occult were just secret practices. 

Sometimes you will need to keep things to yourself or just amongst your special group. 

A lot of people in the world are not ready for the awesome truth concerning the Ascension and would be frightened. Only those who can keep a secret will have the entire truth about these things revealed to them. Many think that they have the truth but in actuality very few do. 

When you have been told to keep certain things to yourself you should not judge if another person is ready for these things. You must never make that decision yourself but wait for guidance from the Brotherhood of Light. Practice the air of Serenity in knowing that you are privy to knowledge that very few other people have while maintaining your True Humility. I know it is hard for you to keep such interesting things to yourself but it doesn't take very long for gossiping tongues and malicious minded people to set about making your life miserable even in today's free thinking society.


  • Serenity has a far wider meaning than that which I have given you here. Take it into meditation and see what more you can get for yourself.
  • How peaceful is your life?  Most people in today’s world would agree that they would like a more peaceful existence.  If you are one of these then look at how you can give yourself “moments of peace” in your busy life.
  • Take a Dispassionate look at yourself.  How good are you at keeping a secret?  Can people confide in you knowing that it won’t go any further?  You can use your Conscience to help you improve in this area.