Gate 4 - Compassion

Path 4 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Measuring, Cohesive or Receptacular

Name - Mercy

Crystal - Angelite

Dictionary Meaning:- Compassion - Feeling for the plight or suffering of another.

The next path to consider is path four. The spiritual attribute of path four is Compassion. The name of the Compassionate path is Mercy. There are three intelligences to this path. They are Measuring, Cohesive or Receptacular which are three acting as one and one acting as three.

Measuring of course means to measure, cohesion is to hold together and receptacular means to receive and hold things like in a receptacle such as a cup or a bowl. Receptacles hold things together and also can be used to measure volumes. You may have heard the term, a measure of mercy. People often don't realise that they can ask the Universal Creator for a measure of mercy.

The spiritual attribute of Compassion, when you consider it, goes well with Mercy.  Compassion can lead to Mercy. Compassion is not to be confused with pity either because with pity you can sometimes feel an amount of contempt for the person that you pity. With Compassion you never feel any kind of contempt. Compassion is like a weaker reflection of love. It has an element of love within it.

At this point in these lessons you are working with Compassion in combination with the spiritual attributes you are already applying in your life.

You have to forgive yourself and others and you use your Conscience to remind you when you should forgive, or to jolt you when you are feeling resentful and need to look at the cause of this resentment. You can use your Conscience to remind you when you should be Compassionate just as you can use your Conscience to tell you when you should be Dispassionate.

Perhaps you think that you should always be Compassionate. Most people would think, "What is wrong with always being Compassionate?" They think they should always be Compassionate and this is indeed correct as long as they have a true understanding of Compassion.  An overabundance of the feeling of Compassion for the plight of a person usually leads to leniency. You feel Compassion for the plight of the person, so you tend to rescue them. You want to make it easier, thereby denying them the very lesson they need for their growth.  Mercy must be measured according to the lessons a person needs to have for their growth. It is not always in a person’s best interest to be given leniency because it then denies that person the very lesson they need for their growth at that time.  This is where Dispassion comes to your rescue in that it can temper the strong emotions that go with Compassion and allow you to detach from that emotion enough to let the person work through the lesson.

On the other hand a person could have earned Compassion, so you have to be sensitive too. You have to sense when to express Compassion and when to express Dispassion. They are opposites on the Tree of Life and they do balance each other.


  • You can ask yourself what process of the Sanctifying Intelligence (Conscience) can you use to help you to know when a situation calls for Compassion or when it calls for Dispassion.
  • Think about, the balancing of Compassion and Dispassion in your life.
  • Ask yourself, ”Do I have Compassion for myself?”. In order to forgive yourself you have to have Compassion for yourself sometimes. Don't be too hard on yourself.