Gate 49 - Knowing

Path 33 (Hidden Path 17) of the Tree of Life

Crystal - Black Obsidian

Dictionary Meaning - Knowing :- Perceive with certainty.The 33rd path is the invisible Sephirah called Knowledge.  It is the Pure Knowing of the Initiate.  It blends the energies of the 32 visible and the 16 invisible paths.  There is no more of use that I can say to you about this path as you will discover all you need to know about as you progress.

You have in this book 49 Spiritual Attributes which are collectively the 49 Gates of Understanding.  You are not meant to open and pass through these gates in any particular sequence.  In fact you may open and pass through several at once.  This has to do with the significance of numbers and is related to the fact that time exists only on the dense physical plane. This one of Knowing is the culmination of the 48 in completeness and therefore is always the last to pass through.  However, you actually open it much earlier.


  • Any of you who are interested in numerology will gain much from a study of the meaning of the number of each path in addition to the meanings already given to you.
  • Please note the difference between the number of the Path and the number of the Gate when they differ.
  • Also meditating on the name of each of the 33 named paths will bring more meaning to what I have already given on them.


If you are truly interested in Spiritual Growth you will not leave the lessons here but continue to go over the Tree. There are many patterns of Knowledge to be found therein. Ask and you shall be guided, for this is part of the work of the 33rd path - the Path of Knowledge leading to Self-mastery.