Gate 48 - Respect

Hidden Path - 16 of the Tree of Life

Flows Between Forgiveness & Innocence/Harmlessness

Crystal Combination - Rhodonite & Tourmalinated Quartz

Dictionary Meaning :- Respect - Acceptance of others, consideration, revere, honour, regard, praise, respect, admire.

We now have the last of the invisible paths called Respect, flowing between Forgiveness and Innocence/ Harmlessness. This path is not last because it is the least of all, for each path is as important as the other. No, this path is where it is because it is the culmination of all paths. Maybe we should call it a Graduation Ceremony path.

The first path on the hiddens is Trust. The last path is Respect. They both have one thing in common and that is that both must be earned, not freely given. This ties in all the steps of the hiddens. In fact there are very few of the steps to the Tree of Life that are freely given, one of which is Forgiveness, Unconditional Love being another.

Respect is the reward of a job well done. Also it is something you need to aim for, for Self -Respect is the most important of all. Every aspect of your learning gives meaning to Respect. Accept others as they are, give them space to earn their own Respect in their own way.  Consider their beliefs, as you would have them consider yours. Honour and Praise those who live right in their way, for there are many ways to live right and each is the right way.

You have come to the end of the hidden paths. Now is the time to re-read and learn all that you have read. Use you inner self to the highest degree for there is much more than what is on these pages. Then put in to practice all that will bring you to the Mastery of self. For that should be your aim,  Respect yourself, Respect your God, and Respect others. If only all could do this peace would be the Alpha and Omega of life.


  • Who do you respect?  Why do you respect them? Is it true Respect in that the person has earned it or is it imposed upon you by society or family?
  • What do you respect? Why do you respect it? Is it true Respect in that it has earned it or is it imposed upon you by society or family?