Gate 47 - Loyalty

Hidden Path 15 of the Tree of Life

Flows between -  Conscience & Innocence/Harmlessness

Crystal Combination - Pietersite & Tourmalinated Quartz

Dictionary Meaning :- Loyalty - Faithfulness, steadfast, constancy, trustworthy, devotion, dependability, allegiance, staunchness.

This path Loyalty flows between Conscience and Innocence/Harmlessness. So many of the words in the meanings of loyalty sum up all of the lessons of the tree that you have been learning.  Let us look at them and how they reflect in your life. Let me say that Loyalty to Self comes first and foremost. If you can’t be loyal to yourself, your beliefs, and what you stand for, then you have much more to learn on the words so far given to you.

Faithful: It would be a very sad thing to not believe in your ways, your teachings, your friends who share your life.  That would stop you from sharing the many joys that are there for you. Be Steadfast and Faithful in your Trustworthiness of self and your beliefs, knowing the it is all right for you to change your beliefs, as your knowledge grows. As you grow, your knowledge grows to fit your requirements for that time in your life.

Dependability: The one you will need to depend upon most is you, yes you. You in your highest form, for it is your Higher Self, that has the true answers for your growth. Learn to listen and trust your most inner instincts and be Loyal to you.

Devotion: Give yourself the time to sit and listen to who you are. Get to know you, who you are and devote the time to becoming the real you. Also you will find that your Devotion to your God becomes meaningful as you come closer to the Law of the Universe. For these words belong to the Universe as a way to live in harmony.

Allegiance:  If you have taken the time to study your Tree of Life, you will then look outwards and find many who are also finding themselves. You will see the way to work with them in helping others and then form an allegiance with them to make your work easier and worthwhile.  I have given you much on Loyalty, but as usual I wish you to put your own interpretation to your words.  I will leave you with much to ponder.


Where do your Loyalties lie?  This can reveal much about you to yourself.