Gate 46 - Acceptance

Hidden Path 14 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Forgiveness & True Humility

Crystal Combination - Rhodonite & Chrysoprase

Dictionary Meaning :- Acceptance - Receive. accept, acknowledge, admit, avow.

This path Acceptance comes with Forgiveness and True Humility. Let us look at Acceptance and what it means to you, the seeker of self-mastery. Although you may not be aware of it, most of your life is based upon Acceptance.  ‘Of what?’, you may ask. Well, of life itself for all of your life you have had lessons to learn. Many of those lessons have been hard and long, tempering you and giving you the strength to carry on.

Some you did not like and others were a breeze. But each time a lesson was learned, your Acceptance was total. So without knowing it you have learned the art of Acceptance. By your hard work and Acceptance of your learning curve, you have earned the right to be in the place that you now find yourself. Whilst doing the hard times, this was your choice, for you could have chosen the easy way. But by choosing the hard way you quickened the lesson and you learned so much more by going upon this hard path.

There is still much more to learn through Acceptance. You still have the right to choose between hard or easy, but remember, by choosing the hard way, your lessons will be more thoroughly learned and there will be greater rewards in the long run. So see your choice of the hard as a challenge, not a chore.

It is equally important to be accepting of others, in their weaknesses as well as their strengths.  It is in Acceptance only that you follow the paths that take you to Forgiveness, Unconditional Love, True Humility and Self –Mastery. As you are now almost at the gates of Self- Mastery, I trust that your enthusiasm is such, that you will do well in your studies and accept that they will get you to that state of Self-Mastery.  I will leave you once more to learn at your own pace.


  • What is your level of Acceptance?  Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 as the least Accepting and 10 as the most Accepting.
  • Are you Accepting the right things or the wrong things for you in order to be true to yourself?