Gate 45 - Allowance

Hidden Path 13 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Conscience & Serenity

Crystal Combination - Pietersite & Amethyst

Dictionary Meaning :- Allowance - Permit, give permission, authorise, agree, approve.

The name of today’s path is Allowance. It flows between Conscience and Serenity. The use of Conscience is important when putting self in the position of allowing something to happen or agreeing to a situation. Conscience allows you to look hard at the pro’s and con’s of any given subject. You need to ask your Conscience to kick in and warn you when you are about to do the wrong thing. Therefore you are allowing your conscience to make the decisions for you, knowing that Conscience is working for your good and will not let you do wrong.

By doing that you have allowed Serenity to reside within you, for now your Conscience is giving you that Allowance of peace of mind, by helping you make the right decisions.  But what if you have not given your Conscience that permission? The Creator has given you free will to make those choices for yourself, and all have free will. It is now up to you to make allowances for others to use their free will their way, not your way.

You can see that this path is important in your life, for it allows you to be in charge of your life in the decision making department. This is a path where all must be balanced on your scales of Justice, for your mastery depends on every decision that you make, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent. You are at the stage where every step is a fork in the road, where you need to choose the next step and decide whether that step is right for you.

Should you take the wrong fork in the road, you can be serene in the knowledge that the next step can put you back on the right path and allow you to choose the next step and go forward once more. As the hidden paths are your personal paths to mastery, I am talking more on your personal path. There are many more types of Allowance for you to study, and remember, what is right for you may not be right for others. So I will leave you now to search and find for yourself just what they are for you.


  • What Allowances do you make for yourself and others?
  • Are you being true to yourself in making these Allowances?  
  • Should you be making more Allowances?