Gate 44 - Selfworth

Hidden Path 12 of the Tree of Life

Flows Between Forgiveness & Justice/Dispassion

Crystal Combination - Rhodonite & Unakite

Dictionary Meaning:- Selfworth - Sense of being a worthwhile person, good opinion of oneself.

We now come to the path of Selfworth, which flows between Forgiveness and Justice/Dispassion. To have Selfworth is a justification of all the good you are now filling your life with. You have gone through the many paths, worked upon them, and seen how they have changed your life. Seeing the merit of all the hard work you have done, you can also see the importance of yourself, what these changes have done to your outlook in life, to you and to others whom you have come into contact with. You have become more tolerant, patient, and kind.

Your growth can now be seen by others and you find they are being drawn to you more than before. The world has taken on a new face, for you can now look beyond the mundane and see the beauty that surrounds you. Yes this you can see without being overbearing or self important, for by now you find that your True Humility automatically kicks in. You no longer need to be seen, yet people see you better than when you felt the need to attract their attention.

Yes the word self is self explanatory, so I will not explain further. The word worth is an old English word meaning Worship. Your body is your temple, and what do you do in a temple? You worship in it, so it is important for you to have a great respect for yourself. Also words like friendship and sportsmanship come to mind here. All worthy attributes to claim for yourself. You may take Selfworth with dignity and benefiting to your personality in many ways, for when you claim Selfworth, you have indeed earned the title.

Do not forget that Selfworth flows in and out of Forgiveness, linking also as it does with Justice/Dispassion. There is no Selfworth without Forgiveness. This is one aspect you need to be very aware of. You tend to use Judgment more harshly when you are judging yourself. So to forgive self, you need to see clearly just what you are judging yourself for. By using Dispassion, together with Forgiveness, you will see clearly what you need to forgive, then you can Forgive self in its entirety. By using all the tools upon the path, you can wipe the slate clean and set yourself free, thus clearing the way to more Selfworth.


What is the state of your Selfworth?  This is not an easy question to answer but it is an answer that you need to have in order to move forward.