Gate 43 - Selflessness

Hidden Path 1

Flows between Conscience & Compassion

Crystal Combination - Pietersite & Angelite

Dictionary Meaning:- Selflessness - Giving of oneself without thought of self.

This path Selflessness flows between Conscience and Compassion. This path is what hero’s are made of for they do what has to be done without thought of what the consequences will be. They see the need and do it, not stopping because they may be hurt or will not be rewarded for their time. Yet the rewards are there, far greater rewards than they could ever know.

Giving in Selflessness does not mean less of self. In fact it is a far more beautiful self that comes with the use of Selflessness. When using Selflessness you can see reflected within it the tools of every other hidden path. You will find Selflessness a wonderful tool when doing your public work, for the words large hearted, Charitable and humanitarian aptly describes Selflessness. These are the words you will hear from people as you go about your path of public service in your future work with others.

I would ask you to look carefully at True Humility here along with Conscience and Compassion, for there will be a great need to keep your self well grounded at this time of Service. See how beautifully the attributes are beginning to come together automatically. You no longer have to bring them to you, as they are now kicking in at the right time. You have now become another aspect of your Tree of the Knowledge of Life.  


  • Ask yourself, “When have I been truly Selfless?”
  • Be honest with yourself and be guided by your Higher Self and Guides as to what you need to do, if anything, now that you have this insight into yourself.