Gate 42 - Charity

Hidden Path 10 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Compassion & Light of Spiritual Vehicle

Crystal Combination - Angelite & Selenite

Dictionary Meaning:- Charity - Kindness, good feelings and love, giving without fanfare, non Judgement of others, generosity with love.

This path Charity flows between Compassion and the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. What an apt place for Charity to be at. For not only is it an action word, but also a very personal word as well.  In the spiritual aspect of life, it is meant to be a giving without fanfare or clanging symbols. This should always be done from the heart, using truly the art of True Humility and Compassion, to the feelings of the receiver of your very generous gifts. Not necessarily gifts of objects, but gifts of love. Flowing as it does, between Compassion and the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle, Charity lends itself to softness. The caress of a breath of air touches not only the lonely but also the lover.

Most people have pride. When unable to supply for themselves, and you have what they want and you wish to give, it must always be given quietly and in True Humility so that you do not hurt that person’s pride. For once hurt, gratitude takes a backward step, and the hurt festers until it explodes into anger, thus negating the kindness and love the gift should have nurtured.

It would be well to learn to use the art of true Charity, for the future holds Charity in its hands, where it will be much used. Forgiveness is also attached to Charity, in that it is important to be Charitable in your Forgiveness of yourself and others. Without love, Forgiveness does not work and without Forgiveness, love is not perfect and love should always be given with perfection.

Tolerance is also another word within Charity. As you work upon this path, you will see so many of these paths kicking in to aid the true concept of the using of your Light to soften your acts of Love in the name of true Charity. Look for yourself and see just how much you can do to use this path Charity to the greater good.


Look deep within yourself and list the ways and means that you can be more Charitable, particularly on an emotional and mental level.