Gate 41 - Duty

Hidden Path 9 of the Tree of Lifee

Flows between Justice/Dispassion & Light of Spiritual Vehicle

Crystal Combination -  Unakite & Selenite

Dictionary Meaning:- Duty - Obligation, respect for parents, moral obligation. Service.

The path Duty flows between Justice/Dispassion and The Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. When you think of Duty it brings to mind action. Duty has a certain amount of responsibility about it, even a kind of hardness as well. Duty can be seen as service, a task, also as a tax or duty when paying for things. It is well to realise that everything that you do or say has a payment or reward as the case may be. Because everything has its own payment, it becomes our Duty to ourselves and others, to make sure we do not make the payment for our actions, too heavy to pay.

At the other end of our path we have the bright shining path of the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle so there is always that Light shining to lighten the burden and make the path glow, to show you the way.

Let us look at another kind of Duty. Your Duty to yourself and Duty to others. What does that kind of Duty bring to mind? A Duty to be kind to yourself, a Duty to see that your deeds do not hurt others and in a way it becomes your Duty to Love. A fine balancing act is needed here. Putting Duty and love together may seem out of place, but remember Dispassion has love attached to it, a love that can serve justly with severity, but without anger.

What we are trying to do here, is to be strong enough to walk the paths of self mastery, to discipline ourselves to do right, to be just, to love, to honour the Duty that it entails to get there. Honour is also in Justice/Dispassion, Innocence/Harmlessness. So you have a very close relationship here with Honour. While there is a certain amount of hardness within these paths, it is important t always be aware that your Journey along the hidden paths is all geared to send your personal light to you who resides within the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. It needs that Duty to help you to be strong within yourself.


  • List what you consider to be your Duties at this point in your life.
  • Who has imposed them upon you? Ask your self with each one, “Is it a Duty to me or another – or should it be?” “Am I fulfilling my Duty?”