Gate 40 - Temperance

Hidden Path 8 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Compassion & Innocence/Harmlessness

Crystal Combination - Angelite & Tourmalinated Quartz

Dictionary Meaning:-  Temperance - Moderate,  aim to balance emotions, moderation.

This path flows between Compassion and Innocence/Harmlessness. Let us take a look at the word Temperance, meaning, to be able to do everything in moderation, not too little, not too much, just to be of use to the purpose of the given moment. If you are helping others, then you need to know just when to stop, for to do too much is curtailing their ability to learn what it is that they need to learn. Will your help, taken too far, upset the karmic lesson that was in progress? If you give no help, will this curb your possible karmic debt to them?

It is all a matter of balance. These are the things you will learn with the help of Temperance, but to learn, much thought is needed on your part. Always be aware of the two paths Temperance flows between, for as with all the paths there is great importance with these connections. Temperance used with Compassion and Innocence/Harmlessness, gives you much greater leverage to the good than trying to work with Temperance alone.

This is one of those paths that needs your constant awareness and supervision, for it is just as easy to go on the wrong side, as it is to take the right side. If you have learned well, you should have reached the time in your learning, to be, as near as possible, able to automatically take the right side of each path. It is all a matter of choices. Your aim right now should be to make those right choices.

This path also deals with temper. When you get angry you lose your Temperance. There is also another temper, to temper metals. To strengthen metal you use fire and intense heat. Your experiences and hardships are the tempering of your life, to strengthen your soul for the future. So welcome your hardships and complete them as they present themselves. They are there to make you complete.  You can look upon your life, take it into your own hands and mould it as it was meant to be molded.


  • Take a piece of paper and note down all the events (highs and lows) that have happened in the last couple of years in your life.
  • Examine each one closely to see how Temperance is/was at work and note the strengthening process that is going on in your life.