Gate 3 - Forgiveness

Path 2 of the Tree of Life

Intelligence - Illuminating

Name - Wisdom

Crystal - Rhodonite

Dictionary Meaning:- Forgive - Cease to resent, pardon, remit.

Now we will consider path two. The spiritual attribute of path two is Forgiveness, the name is Wisdom and the intelligence is the Illuminating Intelligence.

You have the spiritual attribute Conscience to make the laws of your being and to remind you when you trespass those laws. You may be trying very hard to put these spiritual attributes into practice in your life and you wouldn't be human if you didn't fail sometimes. Therefore it is very important that you forgive yourself for your seeming failures.

Forgiving yourself is not condoning wrongdoing. It is simply that you must not continue to feel guilty when your Conscience has alerted you to a transgression against the rules you have set for your being. All the guilt you carry around just weighs you down. Don't focus on feeling guilty about being angry when you should have been dispassionate or saying to yourself, "I did this wrong. I did that wrong. I forgot". Note that this time you slipped up and that it is not good enough to slip up and then forgive yourself for it and move on. 

Forgiveness plus the resolve not to repeat mistakes is the all-important thing.

It is important to forgive others also, rather than just push them out of your mind because they are too painful to deal with or you feel justified in feeling resentful and want revenge.

You have to forgive others but it is very hard to do that if you can't even forgive yourself. It is a bit like the saying, "How can you love others if you can't love yourself?" It works the same way with Forgiveness. That is what you have to work on, Forgiveness of yourself and others.

You have to forgive yourself and keep trying to become a better, more spiritual person. Don't carry any guilt and don't think, "I am not good enough. I should be able to do this straight away." because it takes time and many attempts to make the changes necessary to ascend to the next level of being.

You must also be able to forgive yourself for things in your past that now, with the understanding and wisdom that you have in your life, you see you should forgive. However, you may look at things in your past and think, "How awful" and feel guilty. You must shine the light to illuminate those things from your past and see what you have learned.

You may have done something you consider wrong but that is in the past. The fact that you can see that it is wrong means that you have grown from there; that you are not the same person who did that thing. Therefore, don't feel guilty but forgive yourself and look to what you have gained from it. It may be strength; it may be understanding which leads to wisdom.

You won't make that same mistake again. That is wisdom, so shine the light, illuminate all the dark corners of your past and your present. See where you are carrying around guilt or where some behaviour of the past doesn't conform to what you have now set as right for you. Look at it and examine it. It may be painful because it is not nice to think of yourself doing something that you now think is wrong. Guilt can be painful but you've got to get beyond the guilt.

Don't suppress it because suppression doesn't take it away. You must shine the light of your mind on it and illuminate these things with wisdom and gain understanding. You'll see that it is not you any more and that you have grown beyond the person of the past. Forgive that you of the past and move on, for that is the Way of Wisdom.


  • I want you to become aware of all the times in your day when you feel resentment or guilt.  Note down how you felt and how you dealt with those feelings.  Do this for a week.
  • Was anger one of those feelings?  If so did your Conscience remind you of Dispassion? Don’t feel guilty if it did and you ignored it.  Just make note of it.
  • This is also a good time to make a rule for your being that says that you must forgive yourself and others. 
  • Dispassion will actually help you to be able to feel forgiveness as it is not only a lack of anger. Dispassion is a lack of any strong emotional feeling.

NOTE: You are not aiming to be in a state of continuous Dispassion as that will cut you off from the most wonderful positive effects of your emotions. Dispassion is the tool to reduce the negative effect of strong emotional responses. As such it can help you to master your emotional body and thus allow you to be in control of the various situations that find yourself in.