Gate 39 - Honour

Hidden Path 7 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Justice/Dispassion & Innocence/Harmlessnes 

Crystal Combinations - Unakite & Tourmalinated Quartz

Dictionary Meaning:- Honour - Just, glory, high reputation, allegiance to right thinking.

The position of Honour on the Tree is between Justice/Dispassion and Innocence/Harmlessness. This word Honour is as old as life itself. Being one of the Ten Commandments in the time of Moses. Honour thy Father and thy Mother, and it is as relevant today as it was then.

The word Honour has many aspects to it, for among other things it links very well with Integrity, honesty, admirable and Justice/Dispassion. It is important to note here that the hidden paths are your own structure and to give credence to your attitudes, your structure must be linked closely with Honour, Truth and honesty. In your advancement to becoming a living Tree of Life, you, at all times will be putting yourself on line to be seen to be honest, Truthful and to hold Integrity as a badge of Honour. You will be seen and judged by many who will be looking for that ray of hope when they have fallen on hard times.

Be aware that these paths are the future visible colour by which you will be known.  Work hard on being a person of Honour, Trusting, Truthful, Tolerant, Patient and loving. In fact all sixteen Paths must become your solid rock of Honour, never deviating from what is right. In the end all will see you for what you have worked at becoming. Hopefully that is a bright shining star to show the light, to those who will follow you when they need that person they can Honour to lead them. This indeed is a most admirable way for your growth to be seen to be taking, to be ever that ray of hope.


  • What does Honour mean to you?  Make a list of people whom you recognise as being Honourable.  Perhaps you know them personally or they may be prominent in world affairs.
  • Do you consider yourself a person of Honour?