Gate 38 - Intuition

Hidden Path 6 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Forgiveness & Light of Spiritual Vehicle

Crystal Combination - Rhodonite & Selenite

Dictionary Meaning:- Intuition - Immediate awareness, insight, To perceive, Immediate comprehension.

Intuition flows between Forgiveness and The Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. This path in reality is the core of your Spirituality, for it is your 6th sense through which you find your truths from your Higher Self. As your higher self talks to you through Conscience, which balances with Forgiveness, it does in turn allow you to find the true art of Forgiveness. You begin to see much more clearly, just how all of the paths, both the Hidden and the Visible relate to each other in all circumstances.

Intuition also flows from The Light of the Spiritual Vehicle, so that you get the help needed to Intuit your situation as it comes to you, from your spiritual ties with Conscience, through to Forgiveness then through to The Light of the Spiritual Vehicle thereby shedding Light right from your Higher Self.  This shows you how to forgive and gives you the knowledge needed to have the insight and awareness to comprehend the wisdom and have Trust in your ability to do what is needed in the given task. That is the work of Intuition, to see clearly the rights and wrongs of each action, each situation and knowing how to put into place your Forgiveness much easier than before. You will find that this process will work, not only in Forgiveness but in all situations.

I say this path is the core, for as each path intertwines, by the time all the knowledge has been digested from each path you finally arrive at Forgiveness, which must be attained before you can use Unconditional Love. Your path now flowing fully through Intuition, allows you to Forgive, then claim the Unconditional Love, the crown in your Tree of Life.

Intuition is of great help to you when learning the art of meditation. Using Intuition in conjunction with imagination when you meditate gives you a far greater chance to understand your messages from us to you. For it is these two things, imagination and Intuition that we rely upon to give you our help at all times. May you learn to use your Intuition so that we may converse more with you. My Blessings.


Continuing the exercise from Discernment… 

  • You are now looking at those things that you still cannot decide whether to accept or reject. 
  • Take these points into meditation so that you can allow your Intuition to show you which ones are right for you and which ones to discard.