Gate 37 - Discernment

Hidden Path 5 of the Tree of Life

Flows between Conscience & Light of Spiritual Vehicle

Crystal Combination - Pietersite & Selenite

Dictionary Meaning:- Discernment - Using senses of mind, having insight, to tell apart, distinguish, Comprehension.

Discernment, path 5 flows between Conscience and The Light of the Spiritual Vehicle. The intelligence of Conscience is to Sanctify and its name is Understanding.  Discernment needs to come from the Conscience, so that it can sense more quickly the facts of any subject or problem you will encounter along your paths. Conscience is where your higher self, who sits with Integrity, allows your higher self to talk to you, for Conscience is at-one with your higher self. It is from there you receive the knowledge that you will need, for your higher self knows all that you need along your chosen journey.

As these two paths work together you have a very powerful tool to help you set your paths in order. As this path flows to the Light of the Spiritual Vehicle, your Discernment is being continually bathed in the resplendence of that spiritual body. So you see, in that light, nothing is hidden from you. For some time you have been valiantly working to perfect your Trust, Faith, Patience and Tolerance. Through using your Conscience you will find that Discernment will filter out what needs to be filtered out. Getting rid of all the dross with the understanding that Discernment gives you, bringing you into the light needed to further your journey upon the Tree of Life and Knowledge.

You now understand that each path needs the help of Conscience through Discernment to purify and sanctify every step of the upward journey of life. I want you to be fully aware of the importance of Discernment, for without it, you are as a cripple, unable to further your studies through lack of comprehension, for that is what Discernment means. Once more I leave you to work upon your understanding of your Light Body, making it more beautiful at each step. My Blessings to you.


  • What is your Light Body? 
  • Write down all the things that you have been told or read about Light Bodies, whether you believe them or not.  Then go over what you have written.  Are there any things that contradict each other?  If so mark them.  Group together the pieces of information that seem to validate each other.  This information may assist you in determining (discerning) which pieces of contradictory information you can dismiss.
  • Leave this exercise at this point and we will continue it as the exercise for Intuition.